Breast Augmentation - Hypoplastic Tubular Breasts

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I had my first breast augmentation in July 2006...

I had my first breast augmentation in July 2006 when i turned 18. I always said that I would have this done as I had hypoplastic/tubular breasts.. this is when the breasts dont develop mammary glands (what makes the breasts look full and round)so my boobs basically looked like how they do when you're about 13.

The first operation was very painful I have to admit but was worth it... was only painful for a few days though, then was back to normal after about 2-3 weeks, a bit uncomfortable wearing a sports bra for 8 weeks, but they feel to heavy at first without it.

I went from an A cup to a DD so a big change, im tall though, so my frame could handle it. I discussed this with my surgeon beforehand.

About 8 months on and my breasts started to harden a bit, I found that I had stage II - III Baker Grade Capsular Contracture (scar tissue around the implant compressing it)... this is nothing to do with the surgeon but is how you're body handles the implant (forgein body)

I returned to Budapest in November 2008 to have the scar tissue removed, this is what was causing the implant to harden.. its not actually the implant its the scar tissue compressing it, the implants are actually fine. The surgeon took the scar tissue out and replaced the original implants back into the pockets.

The results are still good today, I am still on high does of vitamin E which some people say is good for preventing capsular contracture, but who knows, maybe I have just been fortunate this time.

The capsular contracture could still come back, hopefully not!! I was told that if it did come back then I could return to Budapest and the they would replace my impants with textured surface implants which would make the scar tissue harder to 'stick' to.

All in all, a good experience so far... the price i paid above was for both operations...

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