to Lift or Not...BF 3 kids, deflated 32c - want my awesome pre kid boobs back - 39, 118lb, 5'1" 250cc

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Frustrated - Lift or Not...BF 3 kids, deflated 32c - want my awesome pre kid boobs back

I went to 5+ consults with several doctors trying to find someone that I was comfortable with. So many suggestions from docs. Bengali lift with silicone, no lift w HP, no lift w saline, lollipop lift, lollypop lift - then second surgery for implants ( No thanks!) & just silicone implants. - so I started off the entire process confused! My objective is to regain volume and occasionally be ale to wear a top without a bra and full out my. Swimsuits. I don't want giant boobs. I don't want for my neighbors or in-laws or whomever to look at me and go OMG you got your boobs done!
I'm 2 weeks out from scheduled surgery with a dr I like, who operates at a hosp I'm very comfortable with (have other health issues to consider)
I decided to go with implants only when booking as my dr advised I have good shape and the amount of lift I need "isn't necessarily worth the scars" I would incur. At 3 week pre op appt when going over sizers dr suggested maybe a lift would be a better option. Honestly I was devastated. I mentally am not prepared for a full lift, don't want the scar and keep thinking I they aren't horrible. What if I massacre them with a lift. What if I hate them.
I have 3 young kids. My husband has taken off time to help me for the first week but after that he could "deploy" for the entire month of sept. A quick recovery time is critical. Do I try and achieve what I can with the implants ONLY and possibly down the road get a lift if I feel necessary or do I get it all done NOW. Help :(

Decisions made... silicone unders, dual plane, no lift

Yesterday I went to PS again with husband in tow. I spent 2 weeks not sleeping trying come to a decision and "looking at more boobs than a teenage boy" ( per my husband)
Ultimately I wanted to do what I could without the lift. I want to fill in volume but not look obvious difference from what my shape is now. We settled on 300 in my left & 250+ in right to match them up.
I'm much more calm and collected now than I was after my last visit. My husband talked me Up in sizing- indicating I always choose "safe" and then regret it.
I was VERY concerned about recovery time if I was to Do a full lift. I can count on my husband for the long weekend but after that he will most likely be away. And I have a very difficult toddler, and "protecting" additional incisions was a real concern.
I've started taking Arnica Montana now at 9 days pre op & ordered several other supplies to come in the following days.
Holy cow...9 days.... and we have a lot going on personally in that time too (first day of school!). This will be here in no time

Pre op pix

2 days out.....OMG

I'm squeezing in as many gym sessions as I can before surgery knowing I'll be out for a good month someone asked me today why I would be out and I told him I needed to reallocate my assets LOL! It hasn't quite sunk in that I'm getting my boobs done. Although I felt this way with kids too- numb/ almost matter of fact. ( then I had to be convinced at the hospital to actually go through with delivery that day (c-sections))
I've gotten meds filled, picked up a few soft bras in a larger size plus have a few from when I was nursing. I have nonstick wound pads, silicone scar strips, Anica Montana tablets & gel. Anything else I NEED? Guessing amazon will be delivering since I don't have time to head out anywhere before surgery on Thurs. between work and 2 back to school nights.
At pre-op Dr offered a shot for long term pain relief which I may call and have him administer. No need to suffer with 3 kids to deal with....
Need to go get cash for anesthesia pmt tomorrow.

It's Tomorrow and I'm getting nerves!!!

Tomorrow's the big day and of course I'm second-guessing myself wondering if I should've gone bigger maybe I should've done a Lift instead of electing to not do a lift.
Wondering if I have the right bras. Worrying if I'm going to have any energy-my husband just asked me if I wanted to take the kids to the Renaissance fair this weekend??? Not sure I'll be up for that!

Post op

On the other side!!! dr actually decreased the size down to 250 in OR and from what I can see I think it was prob a good decision. Last night and this morning I kept second guessing this- did I NEED it, how do approach the subject with others who inquire, etc. when checking in to surgery the office staff raved about the dr and his "artistry" which eased my nerves a bit.
Although very tired I don't have much pain - I did elect to get exparel which is a long lasting pain medication Injection; which I think is helping ALOT! I've already had all three kids try and crawl in bed with me and I have been home for three hours!
Tried to eat dinner but my mouth is so dry it wasn't worth the efforts. Eventually I heated up chicken broth ????
I can raise my arms up a bit on my right I heard a "rubbing rubber sound"!!???????? hope it goes away.
Dr Subio called me tonight to check in. Didn't have questions at the time but later I text him and he wrote back right away.

Morning of and after pic

I wanted fullness. Not necessity" in your face tits"... which I think I achieved as of now!
Exhausted and need some sleep.....

Day 5PO

So I'm kinda loving them!!!
Taking a break from a bra for an hour or so today and my are they perky;)
Pain has been very tolerable.only taking ibuprofen the last 2 days. Saving muscle relax & oxy for before bed. Unfortunately sleep has been a bit of a joke the last few days. Between trying to sleep at an incline I have also had a kid with high fevers and vomiting through the night- coupled with a 2 year old that is new to a big kid bed and crawling in with me in middle of the night!
Im a little scared I can do too much right now. Can reach arms over head and lift things I probably shouldn't - like a 2 year old!
Lower pole feels numb still and upper pole feels "full like my milk came in" but less painful. Have a little bruising around my incisions but that's about it. Lower pole is a little squared but expect that to round out with time. I really hope they don't drop much

Before & 5 days PO

Migrating out?

I feel like my boobs are moving towards my arms a bit today. Why working I would fid myself subconsciously flexing my pecs which would make my implants push towards my arms. I'm paranoid about CC now and worried that I'm not sleeping upright enough in bed.
I would say as of right now I could see where I could maybe see. A tiny adjustment of my nipple placement by about a cm or more. However with the size I am I could not imagine taking out any skin from my Lower pole for a lift and make it look natural!

Still painful ribs & maybe a touch of boob greed

My ribs around where my incisions are are still painful. I had to change mid day because I couldn't take the rubbing of the tank I was wearing against it. Think I have boob greed now too. When wearing clothes you really can't tell anything changed. I actually tried on a bra from when I was nursing and my rib cage is smaller but I fill the D completely.
I do wish maybe they say a little higher on my chest but again for the mount of lift I would achieve at this time - it still wouldn't be worth the scars
I have noticed I can't push my boobs together without being painful - like these girls may never fully touch in the center ?!?
I was with my neighbor this weekend and found myslf wishing I went a little bigger than I am. (She has 550s but started with Much less)

2 inch + center gap -my boobs won't touch!?

Maybe I'm being ridiculous. But the 2+inch center line is starting to bug me a little- I can't push my boobs together to get center cleavage I'm not sure if my centerline scar is preventing them from moving in the pocket a little closer together or what. And I'm pretty sure they arent gonna get "cozy" with each other down the road. Also my nipples still hurt- like early pregnancy burning/tingling sensation. So far projection is great,fullness is great but the girls could pretend like they like echother
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