I love big breasts and I can not lie...

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At the age of 12 I told my mother I wanted big...

At the age of 12 I told my mother I wanted big breasts. Fast forward almost 20 years later with 4 kids in I am finally going to make that a reality. After each birth I went up to a F cup and deflated to a saggy C. Had my very first consult with Dr. Connors 2 weeks ago. Love Ashley alot! She answered most of my questions and even said to email her the rest so she can answer more. Dr. Connors was extremely patient, kind, and he smelled good too. Lol. He said I would need a peri-areola lift and the scars would not be visible at all because of where the incision will be. I tried on sizers and I settled on silicone HP 500 ccs which will make me a full D close to a DD. They will be unders.

I will be seeing Dr. Bauer in 2 weeks to compare prices, experience, etc.

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I love curvy bodies. I am pear shaped and getting bigger breasts will create an hourglass that my momma has.

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