Breast Augmentation After Bilateral Mastectomy for Painful Fibrocystic Disease

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I had suffered for years with painful breasts,...

I had suffered for years with painful breasts, mammograms, ultrasounds, and even multiple breast biopsies, so decided to finally get rid of the pain by having a skin sparing bilateral mastectomy.

I was previously wearing a C cup and had some sagging from having three children, so I wanted to retain my size and utilize all my skin, I had 655cc silicone implants put in above the muscle. I love the size and they look great but they have not been without complication.

I developed a capsule on the right with scarring down to my pectoralis major some scarring and dimpling on the left side. Six months after my initial surgery, I had to have a capsulotomy on the right side. Now, six months later, I am about to endeavor having surgery number 3.

I will have both implants placed under my pectoralis muscle and have complete capsulectomies on both sides. Hopefully this will alleviate the poor rippling on the already revised right side and the dimpling on the left.

The $$ continues to be an issue as I am charged for each procedure each time, not to mention anesthesia cost and time away from work. I am tempted to get another opinion before embarking on this 3rd and hopefully FINAL surgery.

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$$$ for each procedure. What a gig.

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