405cc Natrelle inspira under, 32a 5'6

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I've had a small chest my whole life and I've...

I've had a small chest my whole life and I've always been self conscious about it. The only time I really felt 'ok' was after having our first child I went from an A cup to overly full C cup literally over night. But it was very temporary and now four children later and breast feeding each of them for around 18 months each I'm left with a pathetic a cup. Over a month ago I weaned our last baby and just this past week or so I feel like things have shrunk a bit. My husband once again asked if I was interested in contacting a doctor about getting a BA done and reluctantly I said yes. He gave me a number and website of a local doctor and I contacted a doctor I knew of through friends. I called my husbands recommendation and got an appointment quickly while I waited and waited for this other place to even answer my call, it was super annoying. Eventually I heard from the doctor I thought I wanted and filled out their online paper work and submitted pictures (that was embarrassing). The next day was my first real consultation in an office.

Catch up to today

I had my first in office consultation on Friday, march 3rd. I was incredibly nervous about the exam portion of the visit, talking about a part of my body that wasn't right was just uncomfortable. The doctor came in and introduced himself along with his nurse and we discussed what I was looking for with a BA and what I didn't want. I put on a super comfy robe, did the exam portion and to my surprise he mentioned a nipple reduction and asked my thoughts.. I told him they've never been right and then breastfeeding four children has really taken a toll on my breasts and my nipples. So we decided on doing the BA along with a nipple reduction and discussed the technique he would use. I put on a super tight tank top and started trying on sizes. I went in thinking no bigger than 300ccs but thanks to my doctors nurse she urged me to just try a bigger size to see what I thought and we decided on 375 silicone mod+ under the muscle. Later that day I called back and scheduled my BA and requested the first available time. His staff has been wonderful since my very first phone call. I went for my final preop and tried on a few more sizes and I think we're going with a 405. There's some area for wiggle room and we'll just see what happens the day of surgery, which is only 6 days away. I'll post some before pictures eventually..

5 days to go

I cannot believe I have less than five days until surgery time. I went out today and filled all 6 prescriptions, picked up a few bigger sports bras but really I had no idea what size to get and I got two smalls plus two mediums which I'm sure was a mistake especially since I'll be getting 400ish implants. I just had no clue, I measure at about 28/29 which is small but my cup size will be drastically different but it's hard to imagine how different since it's never been out of the a cup range for long..

4 days to go

I stayed up late reading stories and looking at before and after pictures. Four more days until surgery so I'm trying to get some things done around here as I can (getting over a sinus infection). I have my meds, Gatorade to flush out the anesthesia, sports bras and I have no idea what else I need. I've gotten those ideas from other stories I've read. Here's a photo, cannot believe I get to say goodbye to all these padded and push ups. It's exciting and nerve racking at the same time.

A little depressing

I have three days left until my BA so I decided to do some before pictures so I can compare them to my results. I have to admit it was a little depressing because it seems like I've lost a little more size (and I didn't have much more to lose) and I'm sure it's from weaning my child. It takes a while for my milk to completely dry up and if things keep going like they are I'll be completely flat. Yes, I'm getting my BA but it's still sad to see until then. I didn't realize the lengths I go through to make my breast appear bigger, I have expensive push up bras then wear a tank top then a shirt on top. It gives the allusion that there's something there but my reality right now is that my breast do not exactly fill every cup, there's a gap and that's embarrassing. My proportions aren't exactly right because I'm taking the pictures myself..

Les than 2 days

I'm stressing, less than two days until surgery day. I told my PS I didn't like a high fake look but what I think I meant was saline that are over muscle.. I actually think I like HP rather than a mod +. Any ladies out there that got one and wished they had the other?? Looking for a little advice. I'm going over my surgery papers and reading reviews and looking at before and after pictures. I'm just so unsure and don't want to do pick one and regret the decision later. I cannot believe I'm this close already.

Last sleep. Night before surgery

Tonight is my last night before surgery and I can't sleep. I'm excited, nervous, worried and anxious all at the same time. I've really been fretting over size and projection and reading stories and scanning through pictures. I think we will still ask the PS to try a hp just to see how they look because I do like the upper fullness but in the end I want whatever will make my body look proportionate. I want a little side boob, top cleavage but a natural look also along with a nipple reduction. I hope I can get all of that lol.. I really feel like the 3 week wait has flown by but in the beginning I felt it was going so slowly. I'm going to take some before pictures in the morning so I can really compare everything after surgery tomorrow. I was excited about getting rid of my old push ups and looking through my clothes and realizing I won't have to layer things or stay away from unflattering neck lines because of my small chest made me smile. I've gone so long trying to make my body look a certain way when it didn't and it's been more so now because of what breastfeeding my last child has done to what breast I had left. I'm a wimp when it comes to pain so I'm really nervous about the first three days but I know I can get through it. I took my first antibiotic pill this evening and it was the size of a hockey puck. I have my meds packed and ready but I have no idea what I'm going to wear yet. Loose pants and a zip or button up comfortable shirt so I have some searching to do for a shirt, I might just wing it. I'm going to try to sleep, no food or drink after midnight and my surgery isn't until 130. I'm going to struggle with hunger tomorrow. Hopefully I'll feel good enough to update after surgery tomorrow..


I got to the hospital on time and literally my augers was two+ hours behind. I couldn't eat passed midnight and I was so incredibly hungry. The nurse said 19 more minutes and the came and wheeled me back to the room. Moved from one table to the next and they asked me to take deep breaths through a mask and before I knew it I woke up in the recovery are. I was aching aching and felt a lot of pressure on my chest but my nurse lovely and got my pain under control so I was just in and out of consciousness. When I'd be some what awake I just asked for my husband. I just wanted to feel his hand to make sure everything was ok. Silly I know. Have have pressure, a pulled muscle feeling and pain from my nipples which is more of a dull ache because of the numbing that was used. I have to see my doctor tomorrow afternoon to just on things and maybe get some of this gauze etc removed.. I'll have pictures hopefully to compare soon. But this is the biggest sneak peek I can have for now.

1 day after

Today is actually 24 hours po and I'm feeling pretty crummy. I let my pain meds lapse so I'm feeling it now. The most pain is from the crease where my implants were placed. I went to see my doctor to get gauze and hospital bra switched out. Once the bandages were off it was a little scary looking especially since my nipples ere bleeding. My doctor said it's not that big a deal it will clear up. He and the nurses told me how perfect they looked, that made me feel better because I felt like they looked awful, lol. Loads of swelling, bleeding nips and loads of pain makes a girl tend to not see any beauty in it right now. I see my doctor again in one week to check on my progress and he said once the nipple swelling goes down he wants to double check one that he felt was a little droopy and I'd it still was we'd fix it while in the office. Here's a few pics of before and after to give you an idea..embarrassing before picture.. seriously.

Side profile pictuee

Here's a before and after side profile. Uh my boobs were terrible before.

Too small..

I know many of the reviews I read they ladies feel like they're too small. I was cleared to take my first shower and I'm nervous because they look small, maybe I should have gone just a bit bigger... anyone else go through this and might be willing to gently talk me out of my stress..? Thanks.

3 days after

I'm still taking my pain meds as I still have a lot of crease and nipple pain. Last night I tried some before shirts on but only made it through 2 because it was just too painful. I need to keep the. Pills gauze on for a week and then see my PS who said he might need to fix one a bit more in his office. I'm not looking forward to that at all. Here are a few before and after but I have LOADS of swelling still. I'm nervous that they will turn out small once they settle and the swelling goes down.

2 days post

I bought this VS swimsuit for a vacation and it had padding in it to hide my little chest. Last night I wanted to try something easy on just to compare and make myself feel better through all the pain I've been having... this is a VS small with the padding in the top removed, 2 days after my BA. I don't love the swelling but I really hope they don't 'shrink'. I couldn't tie it all the way because of my incisions. I've never ever filled a top out like this before so even with the swelling I'm so excited and in love with them already...

3/4 days post update

I'm up and down with my pain levels right now. If I stay on top of my meds I'm pretty functional but if I forget a does my creases start aching and my nipples hurt. I've been resting a. It for the past two days and just hoping my nipples heal up and that the left won't need more surgery. My PS told my husband it didn't turn out like he hoped so he would like to look at it again and possibly trim it up more while in his office. I'm dreading it and I was hoping I would have smallish nipples but I'm still left with some length.. I'm still having concerns about my size like maybe I should have gone a bit bigger but I'm hoping that settles down too after the swelling. I'm adding a few before and after pictures, just keep in mind things are still change

Crease scars

First two pictures are surgery day(1), then day 2 and the 4. They're sensitive and sore, just no way around it. Right now I roll up soft gauze and still k it between the sites and where the sports bra lays. It helps a little bit and I'm hoping they keep healing better. I'm not cleared to put anything on them yet but I see my PS in a few short days. I can wait for nipple healing and crease healing.

Nipple reduction not right

My BA was on 3/20 and everything is still high and tight and painful. My nipples were reduced by 3/4 but the doctor said he didn't like the way one turned out so he wants to look at it in his office and possibly numb it up and correct it while in the office. I'm so worried about the pain, I just wanna be like the girls parading around their new boobs but instead mine are all gauzed up and not right. I was hoping my nipples would be significantly smaller and more proportionate to my new body. They're still long, obviously not as long as they were from nursing but not what I was dreaming of...

Before and after

Not that great of a picture. Just before and after with a sports bra on, clearly it no longer fits and I still have to wear gauze over my nipples for a while. Wish I didn't but I do. (This is from a few days ago, not a great picture)

Other pictures

Just a few other pictures for now. I'm not sure why the nipple surgery wasn't complete led fully but I will be seeing my doctor soon to get all the information as I was heavily medicated obviously after my BA.

6 days after

Just wanted to post a picture 6 days after. The. I poke that points down is the one needing to be fixed

1 week ch k up

Tomorrow I go in for my check up and I cannot believe it's been a week. I'm concerned as many are that I've followed that one isn't even. I'm more concerned about my nipples one is looking ok and hopefully healing but the other is thinner around and a little droopy. I'd obviously like for them to look the same-thickness, everything.. I'm nervous about tomorrow and I'm tired of being in pain. My crease scars are really scrunched looking and I'm feeling like one side is fuller w a little side boob than the other. I hope that changes but I'm also left wondering if I should have gone bigger than a 405... I'm wearing a tank with a Tahiti on top and I can't really tell a difference in my bust, perhaps it's from the compression bra but I also have a jacket on bc literally every time my nipples get hard from being cold they hurt so bad.... hoping for some great news tomorrow....

Old bras don't fit

I just feel giddy when I try old things on and have a before picture to compare things to. I've been a little down but this makes me happy. My old bra doesn't even remotely fit and it's not even able to sit in my crease ??

One week check up

The Socorro said everything looks absolutely beautiful right now. Even with my nipples he said we're going to let them heal and hopefully the scar tissue will pull the nipple where it should go and if it doesn't there's a quick procedure he will do while in the office to make it even. All in all I'm thrilled with my recovery nurses and PS. Today I was taught the massages that needed to be done as often as I wanted to do them but at least 4 times a day. My nerves are set at ease it's just a healing process and so far my doctor says it's going really well. When the nurse squeezed my left breast/I call it my tight boob it hurt so badly and I told her about it. But now it seems as if it's loosened up and I feel so much better. I had some stitches removed but some were really in the crease glue so we left them alone for now since they are also dissolvable. My nipple stitches stay in for another week. Super optimistic right now.


I learned my massages at my appointment today and they've left me feeling achy. Has anyone else felt the same after starting their breast massages? Also my crease incisions needed a break from the surgical bra because it was running them so i changed to a spandex and a super comfy one, it's a little small but it still feels like heaven. I didn't know what to buy as I'm usually small or xsmall so I got a medium.. lol. Here's a before and after, it's blowing my mind right now... the little squares are the gauze with neosporine keeping my stitches from acting up.

Clothes in the back of my closet

This was something fun another user friend suggested to do. Go the the back of your closet and try on those clothes you've not work in a LONG time. They certainly do not look the same at all!! Some of them I haven't worn for 10 years!!

Need opinions

I'm exactly 10 days PO and have been doing my massages a lot. They feel a little squishier and I can pull them together a little over a pinky width when it was three fingers before (my husbands finer sizes). Where everything is sitting right now I do feel a little regretful about size but hopefully that will be gone once they fully settle and fluff out.

11 days

I've been running for several days and my body feels it. I'm tired and I just need to rest for a while. I've been doing my massages a lot and my husband says they look better than the day before. I had to change out of my medical bra because it was rubbing way too much on my crease incisions especially today. So I have a Hanes super soft spandex sports bra on and it literally feels like heaven right now. I've tried to wean myself off pain meds and trying to take some Motrin. I have a little break through pain here and there but I'll be glad to be off the narcs. I'm still feeling like one side is a big bigger but I know I have to give it time

Quick update

So here's a quick side profile with a favorite tank on.. have a few strange pains in my creases and feeling fatigued during the day but hopefully looking pretty good so far.

Nipple reduction update

First these aren't great pictures, you'd be surprised how hard it is to get a decent in focus photo of these surgical sites. I breast fed 4 children for a little under 8 years total, obviously it took a toll on my breast. My PS said my NR was the largest he's done so far and once he got in there they were like a jigsaw puzzle trying to put them back together. He told my husband after surgery that one was a little droopy but we were going to wait and discuss it later. My PS removed 3/4s of my nipple tissue because let's face it they were big, but removing more or trying to fix something before healing could cause necrosis. When I first saw them I was obviously shocked because everything was swollen.. the swelling is going down and they look better than before but one does have a little droop. I don't want to nit pick myself but that's what we do some times, I had pictured in my mind what I wanted my nipples to look like and they were completely unrealistic. It has nothing to do with my PS who is phenomenal. I would love to say exactly what I hoped for but I'm not exactly certain. Tonight my right is healing pretty good, it's thicker in diameter than my left, I guess that's the right way to put it, and a stitch came out on its own. For the right i gauze it but first i put neosporine with pain relief all on the sites then I cut a hole out of the gauze put my nip through and then put a bit of aquaphor on top then another piece of gauze and I use ultra soft tape to keep everything in place. Now my left, it appears thinner in diameter, has an odd shape to me and a droop. I'm sure I'm nit picking myself. Now for the left I do the same exact gauze, neosporine, aquaphor prep, every day. All the ointment keeps the stitches from catching anything and the extra gauze gives me padding in case something touches my chest too firmly. My PS does not want to touch the droop until things are healed because he said there's a chance the scar tissue will pull that nipple back up where it should be. If at the time it doesn't happen he said it's an in office procedure he would do at no charge because he's a perfectionist and wants it to be right. I'm thankful for his expertise and wanting to wait to see what we have rather than jump into another surgery and have risks. I trust my doctor and really appreciate everything about him and his staff, they're wonderful.

1 week changes

Tonight I tried to put on my sportsbra (m) and struggled which I hasnt happened before. (Prior to BA I was a small, xsmall). The only thing that has changed in a week is that I started the massages my PS recommended, and I do them as often as possible. The top picture was taken 3/26 and my surgery was 3/20, the lower pictures i took this evening 4/2. For the first time ever I don't fit in something because my breasts are spilling out and I'm super excited about that!! So excited that I went on a dress up spree and that made me feel even better about myself. I'm just feeling emotionally great right now, the surgery wasn't bad the nipple reduction was the rough part for me and the stress and worry. But I'm thrilled this evening and I. An even push them together without pain and they touch ????. I'll include a few other pictures because it's really great progression. (Yes I have to work out my tummy but after 5 children and not being able to do much for a few weeks I don't feel too bad about my jiggle).

2 weeks

I cannot believe 2 weeks have gone by since surgery. I'm mostly off my pain meds unless I've over done it and Motrin won't work. I've been having some pain below my crease on my ribs and I'm hoping it's just related to these 405s dropping but if it's still there I'll talk to my PS at my next appointment in a week. So far things are great, still wearing the sports bra but taking breaks bc it rubs my crease. My left nipple is very sensitive to touch, obviously not in a good way but it's not as painful as it was. I'm trying so hard not to nit pick myself as we ladies can be our worst critic but I'm not in love with my nipples. They're better than they were by far, I'm impatient and tired of my gauze, neosporine, aquaphor tape etc routine. I wanna just snap on my bra and feel great, I know it will come.. I think I posted that all my glue came off and oddly enough a long stitch from the right. Things are dropping and I just need these nipples to get working on healing and I'm definitely not looking forward to a correction surgery no matter how small. Anyway, here's a picture of progression and I tried to get a better picture of my problem child...

Check up

I had an unscheduled check up today because one of my stitches has been aching for a few days. Like always I got right in and got the pesky stitch removed and to my surprise my PS said to go ahead and remove all my stitches, like from my nipples too. (I didn't even think I would see him but he pooped in and examined me asked me to stand up to examine me while standing and said he felt everything looked amazing. He even said my trouble nipple seems to be pulling itself out of a droop. It was such great news!!). I won't lie, that was painful but my nurse that always takes care of me was super gentle and we had each other laughing through it (I don't know if she is a nurse but that's what she is to me because she takes such great care of me). Some of those stitches were hard to find and hard to remove but I think we got them all. I am completely stitch free I'm so excited and surprisingly enough they don't hurt as much as they did. I can stop all ointments and just keep something soft on the inside of my 'sports bra'. I'm doing so well unless a problem comes up he said we could go a month without a check up. I'm now allowed to do light cardio, still no swimming or submersing myself but he said maybe a few more weeks. He seemed super pleased, I did discuss my concern with the slight size difference but really he had a mess to try to put back together so we will still watch and wait for all the healing to see what they do. My husband and I are going on a date without our little people and I was given an ok to wear a bra but then to get right back into my surgical one. Obviously I have no idea what size I am, I know the size I am right now may not be the size I will be in a few months down the road but I wanted to get one anyways. I've never been measured, no sense to do it right now but when I get the ok I will. My band was a 32 so I defaulted to that I passed the a,b for obvious reasons and tried a C which didn't work and I couldn't find a 32D so I left and went to target. I searched forever am I some foreign alien or something... I wound up getting a 34 and setting it on one of the tighter clips... Im posing my in office stitch free picture and my bra shopping, it was so fun for once!!! I'm so excited about my healing :)

Nipple reduction update

Tuesday I had all my stitches removed and was told could stop all ointments/gauze but my nipples were so painful I told my PS I just couldn't have the barrier. My awesome nurse came up with the idea of using a nursing pad with a little ointment so my nipples wouldn't get stuck but it would also make my breasts look more seamless rather than having squares of gauze showing through, she's brilliant!!! I've been doing that since Tuesday. I'm cautiously excited because right now I'm washing my favorite soft sportsbra and I'm wearing a tank top with built in support (just enough but obviously no compression) without anything on my nipples-NOTHiNG. If I press on them obviously there's a little twinge but I am so thrilled right now that I'm not having to do any nipple prep right now and I can give my body a little break from all the sports bras, gauze, pads ointments etc... I almost feel normal and that's so exciting because this nipple reduction has been so rough. I'm one happy girl right now :)))

Misc stitch

I've had a stitch in my crease trimmed and it's been a little annoying so my favorite nurse told me to come in and just double check it. When I move it a specific way I get a pretty sharp pain and I didn't want to go the weekend without making sure everything was ok. I had no appointment scheduled but as always my PS's staff is wonderful and fir me right in. I have the option (since there's no infection) of massaging this stitch to help encourage it to do what ever it needs to or I could get all numbed up and we could dig it out. My PS was super honest with me as usual and told me it would be painful, set me back a bit in recovery and be a little bloody. I'm finally feeling better (day 2 without nipple coverage) so I'm going to try massaging first, I'd rather try that than reopen any of my sites. I'll see what I can this thing to do, I don't want any other surgery but if I needed it I know without question that I am in the best, safest place. I trust my doctor and his staff, we'll get through this just like the nipple reduction that I thought would never heal. They do and it takes time and that's not something you can speed up. Today is the first day I feel ok with everything even my nipple reduction. Again, I was so stressed and worried but it just takes time, they're really looking so much better. Every day my breast look better and now that the gauze seems to be gone forever everything is just coming together. Things look fabulous and that's crazy to even believe since my PS didn't have much to work with to begin with. He's amazing and the more things heal the more amazed I get, he was right from my very first consult. Things will be swollen, takes time to heal, and then a little more time but he would help make things look so much better and work with me to obtain my goals... I never imagined things would be this great 20 days or less out of surgery.. (picture of right/left nipple before surgery) you can see through the shirt that my nipples are obviously much smaller. I'll get better updated pictures of them another day.

Old swimsuits

My old swimsuit tops are laughable, none fit.. I either have loads of side boob or they they don't cover enough of my breast for me to be comfortable. One wrong move and my nipples would come right out of someone them... time to purge like 10 swimsuits and I will be left with none. Love my results more and more as the healing continues. Honestly the entire process of healing didn't take as long as I thought it would. I had no bruising like I've seen prior to having my surgery and my swelling literally was for three days. Nipples were rough but not as bad as I thought either. Glad we went with the doctor we did!


Tonight I figured I would try some things on and continue then never ending purging of my closet. I'm sad to see some things go, thrilled to say goodbye to others and hysterically laugh while tossing other stuff in my go away pile. I'm including pictures. Some pictures are completely embarrassing bc my boobs look gigantic in some of these small things I own, thus the need purge. I'm struggling a little, I'm just a little nervous that my left breast might be smaller than my right. My husband says he has no idea what I'm talking about and doesn't see it so hopefully I'm just being overly critical of myself again. I have a tendency to do that apparently. I think I'm roughly 3 weeks PO and only get a few tinges of pain in my nipples and if I move wrong a pain in my left crease from the pesky stitch that won't go away. So far so good.


I couldn't post my keepers with my last post so I'm just gonna post them here. Still have to wear a medical/spandex sportbra so I'm just braless in these. I'm sure these shirts will look a million times better once I can wear a decent bra (which finding one is proving difficult).

4 weeks

Today I am officially 4 weeks past surgery. I have no idea where the time had gone. I've spent loads of time purging and playing dress up only to find that I have no idea how to dress myself with breasts. I've spent some time searching for bras which is frustrating bc my old band (32) would creep up and I'd have to pull it down or reposition things and I don't want to do that exactly now. I never realized what all went into measuring for a decent bra and I've been wearing the wrong one most of my life. Anyways, I ordered 2 off amazon to try, one is the size my husband swears I should be and the other is based in measurements from a website. We'll see who's right. The white shirt picture is 4dpo on the left and 4 weeks on the right. I can tell a difference, they've dropped and the swelling has gone down a lot. The other pictures are of a dress I'm going to wear on a surprise cruise we're going on in a few days and the other is just trying things on/purging my closet again. I swear I'm not going to have clothes left. Does anyone have a good site for ordering bras that don't cost a ton

Bra woes

So I did a lot of reading and measuring from different websites I found. Each site came close in size so I decided to do some shopping on amazon because I couldn't find a size that fit in a few stores I tried. After all my measurements I decided to order a Cleo bra but thankfully I noticed the sizes were in UK which are different from the US so I wanted to try a US 28G and that was a 28FF (crazy) and then my husband was convinced there was 'no way' I was bigger than a 30DD so I ordered the second in that size to just prove a point. I knew I would return it but point proven,lol. They're both completely wrong, I like the 30 band as it offers support and actually stays where it should but the 28 was just a bit too tight (I even put straps as loose as possible etc). The DD is the blue bra and it's so obvious it's too small and the tan is the us equivalent 28G. Both too small with either a quad boob or cup spillage. I'm on a quest to find a bra that fits and isn't just a 'standard' that we all get thrown into. I want great support that doesn't dig into my shoulders and I don't want to be readjusting my band or breasts. So my search continues.

Bikini tops

I've purged most of my bikini tops because they hardly cover anything (xs/ S) and with a last minute cruise I am scrambling to find a bikini top like I am to find a bra that fits. So here are two that I found while at the beach. One is a little small but it matches a bottom I already have and the other just makes my boobs look huge but maybe they are lol. I love how bikini tops fit now and I'm no longer self conscious about feeling/looking small or having to discreetly push extra water out of my padded bikini top. The further out I get the better I'm feeling. I found myself sleeping on my side a few times which caused a dull ache in my right breast and it's still more firm than my left. I have no idea why but I started massaging it more, especially in the shower while the warm water runs over that breast and it seems to help but the slight firmness is still there. I'm sure it's not a big deal but at my next follow up I'll mention it if it doesn't go away. I'm off all meds and only take Motrin if I seriously over do it which I try hard not to do. I was release to do light cardio and I've been doing it every morning. The first time on the elliptical I could tell I was overdoing it because my body was just feeling wrong so I slowed down and things were just fine. Hoping things continue going so well.

Bra shopping continues

I went by Victoria secret so I could use a gift card from a few years ago. I found this sweet lady and asked her if she could quickly size me and help me find a bra that would fit me. She asked what I currently wear and I said a sportsbra. She said no I mean for a bra and I said really, a sportsbra. So she well what size bra have you worn and I told her a 32a but the band was never as tight as I would have liked so she measured me and said she would come back. She looked at me several times and handed me a 32C, I laughed a little. I told her I didn't think it would work out but she stood back looked at me again and said I bet it will be just right you give it a try and I'll go look for some other styles. Ok. It was way too small, under arm and cup spillage it was terrible. She knocked and asked how it was I opened the door and her eyes got big and she said oh my goodness I never would have thought... well that just won't do, a D never would I have thought. She curried away brought a 32d, same happened. She came in and said a DD!!! You're my unpredictable tough one.. she went and got a DD I tried it and spillage over the cup and so she got a DDD and her eyes were bugging out, it fits but it's snug so it won't fit for long.. then she went and got several styles to try. It was fun having someone wait on me and scurry around and really want to find a good fit for me as much as I did. But it was also fun just filling out a bra, not a baby bra anymore. It made me feel good and there's nothing wrong with that. So, 5 weeks PO and right now I'm a 32DDD (band isn't as snug as it should be) I have no idea what I will be in two more months but if it changes I'll get back to searching. I was going to get one bra but my husband loved 3 and asked me to get them so why would I say no? I didn't lol!!! The picture with all the bras are my 'bras of shame'. It was hilarious the pile we were building up, lol and the other pictures are just various ones I tried.

Before, during and after

So all three pictures I'm wearing the same dress. The first is with a strapless push up bra (obviously not proportional), second is swollen a little while after surgery and the third is at least a 5 weeks after surgery. Everything's settling well and they look pretty great so far. Just a quick update

Trying something new

My husband surprised me with these nipple covers so I could go braless. It's not the best picture but these things are pretty close to my skin tone and they're reusable as long as you follow the instructions. I'm rather impressed with how well they conceal things because I was convinced my husband had no clue what he was talking about or buying... turns out he might know a little somethin about boobs. LoL. I haven't worn them out in public but when I do I'll post about how they work out.

10 weeks PO

I'm 10 weeks post OP as of yesterday. Everything is going great, at my last appointment all my restrictions were lifted. I discussed with my PS what I was feeling ever since my swelling went down which was that my left breast was smaller, to where my breast doesn't touch the bra cup like the other does but I can fix it with adjusting the shoulder strap. A little difference isn't a big deal as no one is perfect but this was enough that I wanted to talk about it (especially since I had given it some time). My PS stepped back did a comparison and saw what I was talking about but said let's wait for full healing to see where we are and I completely agree. (It was at least 2 weeks ago maybe 3). There is noting to be done now and if there was I wouldn't do it in the peak of summer so I'm going to just keep massaging everything and by fall see where things are. My husband never noticed it or agreed with me about the difference until recently but it still doesn't bother him. We are our own wort critics. I see my doctor again in September for a check up. I need to take a few pictures in some cute tops I found but have been really busy so I'll get to it once things calm down. Until then here are a few progress pictures.


Obviously I wouldn't go out in public like this because my nips show through everything but it caught my husbands eye and I'd say he likes it a lot lol. I wold never have walked around with a shirt I like this before because, well there was noting there worth celebrating. I still haven't fixed my wardrobe issue, nothing fits now, but I'm making some fun purchases here and there. Wo would have thought I'd have to purge most of my closet lol! I'll load a few more pictures later.

Quick update

Just wanted to do a quick update while I have a minute. I had a flat spot on the outside lower left breast but was told to massage it and focus on really manipulating that implant and wouldn't ya know one morning I woke up and the flat spot was gone. I'm thrilled about that! I'm till left a little bummed out my nipples but I'm teeing not to focus on them much. I wish they were more similar in size but I'm not changing that now so I'm just going to enjoy filling out my swimsuit right now lol. I have some nipple sensation but not a woke lot right now. I was really nervous that I wouldn't have any sensations at all in my nipples but I'm going to breathe and wait for that. Added a few progress pics... click on the pictures for info

Resizing.. worth it!!

I've read many reviews where some PS recommend their patients to steer clear of VS and go to a place like Nordstrom to get sized correctly. I finally decided to try just o see if there was a big difference and guess what... There is!!!

So at VS I was sized at a 32DDD and even at that band size to get good support from the band and not my shoulders (bulk of support comes from a good snug band) I had to clasp it on the tightest of the 4 eyelets. That's wrong, why, because the band is supposed to be snug on the very first clasp and as the bra ages you go up on clasps to extend the life of your bra. If you start off on the tightest clasp where will you go when your bras been worn in a bit? No where because it's already as tight as possible to get a good comfortable support so you deal with inadequate support and your solders having to bear the burden that the band was designed to do causing solder and neck pain. Speaking from experience, seriously. So it's imperative to get sized correctly and wear that size only, yes sister sizes blah blah, I can tell oh right now my sister sizes are for the birds. Yes my 'go o' bra fits by once I tried on my true size it was like a perfectly fitted glove, comfortable, puts my breast where they should be while making them look the most attractive I've seen in a bra, and I've tried a lot on so far looking for the best fit.

Now I decided to go to Nordstrom as I said above. I was skeptical but also curious to see if the hoe was all I read about. The lady came in and the first thing she measured was my band not above the breast like VS did. She said exactly what one of the busty measurement sites told me, my band is a 28/30 only. She said a 30 would fit but a 28 is my band size and I could try both. So she excused herself and flirted around to find some things for me. This experience was a million times better than VS, granted the lady hustled and hustled but then she forgot me, not this lady, she was back with several different types of bras and styles etc. I tried the 28/30 bands and let me tell you the 28 (true measurement) was tight and super supportive leaving my solders free for seriously the first one and that was on the starter clasp.. I couldn't believe it, it brought my breast to attention and accentuated them the way they would be.. I'm attaching photos of different sizes so oh can see the difference, what a bad bra can do to a beautiful and expensive chest is SAD! So, ladies, all my RS friends run to find a Nordstrom close to oh and allow those ladies to size you and pamper you, they will literally put the bras on you o.O. Not kidding!!! You'll be so glad you did and our shoulders and neck will enjoy the break from bearing the weight they were never intended for. If you have questions ask away! Hope this helps someone because all this research etc has really helped me during this journey.

A side note, did you know if you have amazon prime these Nordstrom bras are cheaper on their site....? You can go try some on and later purchase the ones you like and save some money too. I'm purchased one from amazon and I'll compare it to the stores when it gets here!!! Sorry exciting finds!!!


So here's something funny. I tried some bralettes on and cannot figure them out. Is the elastic band supposed to be right along with the lace under it or is it supposed to be some what loose? I tried a small and medium on for comparison but I feel like the medium was too loose but the small was tight... which so oh gunk looks better? I'm sure I ought the wrong one lol.

Looks like another post surgery sportsbra bites the dust. Added that picture just for the laugh. Have a great night!!

Goodbye VS well maybe

So if I stay to my true size then I must say goodbye to my old favorite store, Victoria Secrets. They don't carry a 30 band let alone a 28 but here's a little gem.. I can still rock their semi annual sale and buy underwear and braletts. I went to the gore an hour away and I coding resist visiting with a friend and here are my finds.

I love that black sportsbra but I'm spilling out :(

Can you guess so I bought? I'm super hard on myself so I didn't think they all looked good


Not all bralettes are created equal. Like my bra searching I've tried loads of bralettes just to be let down by sizing. I finally found a gold mine and they're at Costco and their sizing is actually right.. a small is a small and medium and so on. I was so thrilled to vitally look good in a bralette and hav it for eight every where. I've plaid a few pictures in case you're curious... they're so comfy I forgot that I have anything on at all. 2 for 16.99, can't beat that at all.

(The pink was a semi annual sale at VS and it doesn't fit exactly right but it's still super sexy and makes things look great! Happy shopping ladies
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