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Breast Augmentation - Still Amazing After 14 years!

Breast Augmentation

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3 Oct 2016

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Breast Augmentation - Still Amazing After 14 years! - Scottsdale, AZ

I am a longtime patient of Dr. Shaw's. My first experience with his practice was for a breast augmentation (BA) in July 2002. Dr. Shaw makes the incisionin your armpit, so there isn't a noticeable scar. I had a small scar on my armpit for about 12 months post op; however the scar has since disappeared. I didn't put any topical lotions on it, etc. The most important thing to do for yourself after BA is to massage your breast so you don't develop scar tissue around them. I have saline implants and they feel like real breasts for the most part. I had my BA prior to the FDA reapproving the use of silicone implants. If you want your boobs done do not see anyone else!! He is a genius, and can give a very natural result if that's what you desire.