37 y.o. Never had any and Finally - BOOBS!

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37 y.o. Never had any and Finally - BOOBS!

450cc Bilaterally - Dual Plane Placement due to small degree of ptosis (sag)
Recovery is amazing - no issues or real pain at all after first couple days.
Worst part was at my 1 week mark - starting the massage/displacement exercises, but by day 10 that is no big deal anymore... do them throughout the day and move on. I am comfortable at 2 weeks now, with exception of nerve irritation in my right pec which is way more developed than my left as it is my dominate side... still spasms couple time a day, but not bad and the nerve irritation comes and goes, but eases fairly quickly. Implants and muscles are definitely softening very nicely and aren't so hard (they are soft/squishy now). Excited to see what happens week by week from here on out. My recovery has been amazing - truly and I credit that to my surgeon with 11 years experience knowing what he's doing - Dr. Kerr did a great great job!

2 1/2 weeks now and only occasional sharp…

2 1/2 weeks now and only occasional sharp pain or achey pain here and there - the norm. Haven't really been taking anything at all for pain since before 14 day mark. They are softer and slowly my pec muscles are calming down, but will definitely take time... no worries. You can see how one is slightly less bulging at top center, but again no big deal - they won't necessarily heal at same rate. I am still very happy with results and where we are going in the process.
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