20 years old 350cc UHP

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350cc ultra high profile under muscle

Harley medical centre
Dr sleiter
Liverpool, England

Surgery booked for 28th april 2017 currently 32a.
Reccomened ultra high profile by surgeon due to narrow chest not sure about this yet. Originally wanted 300cc but now changed mind to 350cc. So nervous but excited!

Has anyone had ultra high profile or think i need it?

If anyone has had ultra high profile under muscle 350cc could i see some photos please x

More photos

More before photos!


My stats are roughly 5ft5 8stone5llbs i am currently a 32a never been measured but thats what bra size i buy mostly. I am 20 years old. So my BA is in just 30 days I'm so excited but so nervous at the same time. I cant decide what size i want at first i chose 300cc HP but then when i told my surgeon i wanted 350cc i would have to get ultra high profile which I'm unsure about at the moment so i am going to see him again to make sure they wont look fake or stuck on i have seen mixed reviews about UHP so I'm a bit worried as i want them to look as natural as they can look. i am going under the muscle which is also making me nervous because i know the recovery will hurt more but at the same time i know its better going under so I'm happy about this.

1 month to go!

Since the dr told me one of my boobs were slightly bigger than the other i cant stop noticing it now haha. He said its only a little big so i can still have same size implants in both. so excited only 1 month to go got my MRSA swabs in 2 weeks then another surgeon appt before the big day.

25 days to go

Starting to feel happier about UHP implants after looking at other reviews. So happy that there are girls who share there story's and post pictures helps a lot reason why I've decided too cause there isn't much out there for UHP. MRSA swabs next week then a surgeon appt week after. Think i might order two sizes for the day so i can still decide before the big day if i wanna change my mind. Will upload more before pics.

17 days!

Went for my MRSA swabs tried implants in again still unsure on what i want. Going to see surgeon sat to decide my final size ????

2 weeks today

Bought some bras for after surgery from marks and Spencer's black one is a post surgery bra and the white is a high impact sports bra. Been to see my surgeon today and i have ordered 325cc HP and 350cc UHP he said i can decide it i was under the muscle or over. Big decision to make now in next 2 weeks!

1 week to go x

Went to Victoria secret today 2 bralets/sports bra for £25 got the black bralet and marble effect sports bra shown in before pics. Also got some comfy wireless non padded bras from primark in two packs. Got my bio oil and bits, a neck pillow and button up jarmies. So excited still undecided on 325cc HP or 350cc UHP.

Lying down before pic

New bikinis (before pics)

3 days!

Nerves are starting to kick in now feel a bit more real. Inly 3 days to go but still haven't had my admission time for he hospital so i will ring up today when they open. so excited for it to all be over with and finally go bra shopping! Need to buy some last min bits so excited!

3 more little sleeps

Today i got my admission time which is 11am wish i could have had an earlier one gonna be hard not eating from the night before until about 2-3 next day probably but ah well. So so so excited but nervous at the same time just cant wait to get to the hospital and for it to feel more real. Still thinking about what implant to go for either 350cc UHP (left) or 325cc HP (right)

So close

Tomorrow i can finally say 'i get my boobs tomorrow' always awake at night looking on here through pictures! Here is more before pics from tonight before bed.


Now i am definitely scared its all feeling real and im so nervous for tomorrow! Going for a McDonald's tonight before i stop eating. Tidied up the house and my room ready to live in my bed for a few days all prepared now. Cant wait for it to all be over with and finally have my boobs. Last before pics in my last 32a bra, thrown out the rest.

All ready!

All showered and ready for the morning. Getting picked up at 9.30am. Feel so sick thinking about it so so nervous but i know its all gonna be worth it. Here is my last ever pictures of my boobs goodbye forever.

Long wait

Got to hospital 11am but told that there is a long wait:( should be going into surgery around 3pm.

Last pic before


quick update finally have my boobs and i am in love they look so good and when they drop they will be amazing: they arnt to big and not yo small just the right size i wanted. Feeling dizzy and VERY tired cant keep my eyes open. Havent ate much kept throwing up. But here is a pic.!!!!!

So in love

Woke up its 2.15am, so the pain isnt to bad i havent had any painkillers since i left the hospital 8pm its sore but its bareable. I have been given ibuprofen, co-codamol and my antibiotics. Im kinda scared to take co-codamol cause i know they make me really dizzy and vomit so gonna try not to take them or maybe just take half. So far the pain i can tolerate. I love the size so much im praying the swelling doesnt go down to much!! Had a dominos pizza when i got home but hd to go to bed before i threw up again but now av woken up im thinking about the pieces ive saved for morning mmm.


Now the pain is kicking in! Can hardly move takes a lot to sit up every movement is painful. Just started my anti biotics and taken 1 co-codamol. My ice bag is in the freezer for later on when its frozen. Sitting up to sleep wasn't to bad last night i slept good probably because i was so tired but my back is starting to hurt now as im sat up. My sports bra is so so so tight the dr said i need to get a bigger one so i have undone it half way to breathe going to get my sister to go get me the next size up later today. Aside from the pain i am truly in love, cant wait to feel better so i can get a better look at them and check my scars as i haven't seen those yet. First post opp appt on 4th may.

So in love

Just took a trip to marks and Spencer's and mcdonalds had to change my bra the 32D was to tight now in a 34D back in bed with my food watching bratz movie.

The pain!

So i had a nap flat down on my back and when i woke up the pain was so bad. I took a co-codamol earlier today and my face went really red so i was told not to take it again but ive just had to take one because paracetamol or ibuprofen isnt enough. I cant wait for this pain to be over my boobs feel so tight and so sore my back is aching i cant get comfy.

Day 1 over with!

So today has been rough, feeling much better tonight after i tried solphadine and used proper ice in a bag and also spent more time downstairs sat in a chair rather than lying in bed. Dreading the morning waking up in pain but got my tablets ready by my bed to take asap. Hoping tomoz is a bit easier. My nipples are numb and huge haha hope they go down soon just look swollen!


So ive woken up the pain killers have worn off and i am in really bad pain trying to sit up i think i have what they call 'morning boob' not sure but it definitely feels tighter and stiffer. I managed to sit up and taken a co-codamol i also had to go downstairs to get more ice. Now i have the ice on its taken the pain away while i lay still in bed. Sleeping on my back is so hard my back is in agony and its only day 2. Last night my left incision was starting to sting a little not to bad though, no signs of any blood through the plaster so not worried about that guess its normal. I unzipped my bra and it feels so good not been so tight, but i am going to zip it back up in a bit. Also noticing that i may be getting a little bruising in the middle of my boobs but again i guess thats normal too. Going to try and get back to sleep.


I know i sound like im fed up of the pain but aside from all the pain i am so in love with them, i cannot wait for them to be better so i can try on my bikinis and bralets. I think the surgeon has done a great job and although i was kinda against UHP im so happy i chose them i think that they look quite natural already even though they are swollen and the size is perfect, not to big and not to small. I went under the muscle so that could be why they are so sore compared to others.

Day 2

Been awake since 4am crying my eyes out all morning, mornings are definitely the worst. Took some painkillers and got up. Walking about and sitting straight in a chair definitely helps a lot lying down in bed even lying down upright for long just hurts so bad especially my back. Well anyway, now that im feeling a bit better i cheered myself right up by trying on some bikinis and i now have the best before and after pics to show! I am beyond happy even if the pain is bad!

More pics

Feeling better

So this morning was the worst ive felt pain killers were not really working for me so my mum went to the chemist and got me some stronger ones... panadol, ibruprofen 400mg and solpadeine MAX. I have taken 1 solpadeine MAX and feel so much better already not much pain just feeling uncomfortable. Ive been able to have a shower, put clean clothes on fix my hair and im feeling better now im fresh. I have also put some bio oil on the top of my boobs and massaged them a little bit. Only parts that are sore atm are my back and near my armpits.

Day 2 almost over.

Apart from this morning today has been much better. My new painkillers have helped a lot and the soreness is bareable when the pain meds ware off. I went out to KFC tonight in my friends car and felt fine but as the meds worn off i came home and took some more and am now back in bed relaxing dont feel to bad just a bit achy. My back is really sore though probably from lying on it at night and not being able to lie down on my side:( missing that a lot. Ive been massaging my boobs a little when they hurt which kinda helps and putting ice on them. Dreading morning boob again tomorrow morning but i know it will ware off once i stand up and take my painkillers hopefully i can go get my nails done tomoz if i feel okay. Also noticed a little blood on my bra from the incision but when i checked there isnt much there to see must be a tiny bit came out from the side of the plaster so not worried, i will upload pics.

Day 3

Woke up this morning with the horrible dreaded morning boob but i know this time that if i get up and move about it will ware off. Took my meds straight away. Slept with my bra open by accident last night ooops, when i woke up i heard that 'sloshing' sound for the first time sounded weird lol. Im so ready to feel normal again now just want my post op appt to hurry up on thursday!

So happy

I cant stop looking at them i cant believe how good they look at just day 3 PO! My surgeon has done such a good job i think they look quite natural for UHP. Feels so weird out of my post surgery bra just feels like they are gonna fall off haha.

Dropping alreadyn

Day 3 almost over

So today ive done a lot more things myself, showered, washed hair, dressed, been out for food and now back home. I have thrown up today and feel a bit sick but i think thats just to do with painkillers. The sound of 'sloshing' when i move my arms is happening more often and it actually turns my stomach hearing it ew! My back is still in agony but the whole day had been much better today being able to do more things without being in pain.

Few more before and afters

Goodnight x

Day 4

So today started off bad with the worst morning boob! But as day went on i was fine. Tonight i have been out for drinks with work and they have been no problem, no pain just uncomfortable and tight feeling thats all. I last took pain killers at 17.00 and it is now 00.12 so thats the longest Ive been without them so far and i am going to go to bed without any tonight and see how i feel in the morning. My boobs make the worst sounds when i move my arms about, turns my stomach! But its normal so its ok. I haven't been to the toilet for 5 days now so tonight i have taken overnight relief constipation tablets. My back is still really sore but thats not gonna go away until i can sleep properly again on my side:(!


I have noticed tonight that i have slight rippiling and if i tense it gets worse! I am only 4 days post op i am trying not to worry but i am worried. I am having my first post op tomoz so i will ask then so nervous hope it goes!!!!

Day 6 PO

So, i am now feeling much better i am up out and about not much pain attal stopped all pain killers yesterday. Just been to my post op appt and got my plasters taken off and can now shower properly yay! I mentioned about the worry that i had rippling but she told me that it just looks like the side of the implant as i am slim and not to be worried as i am still early on. You cannot notice it today so im not worried. Finally seen my incisions now the plasters are off they are stinging a little but they look neat so i am happy.

8 day PO

So its 8 days PO and i can say that i am near enough no pain waking up anymore. I had a nice sleep and even slept on my side during the night.


These pics show PO day 1 vs PO day 7

PO day 11

just thought id share some pics now i feel like most the swelling as gone down and they are a lot more softer, i can move them about and push them together easily no problem. I think that as the swelling has gone down ive noticed they have shrunk in size a little not much but doesn't bother me im so happy with the result! *ignore my tan on the pics*

2 weeks PO

I am now 2 weeks post op. Not much has changed. I feel like most the swelling is gone apart from my right nipple still looks swollen and bigger than the other (my right nipple is also still numb) under both boobs are also numb. My nipples and whole skin in general is very sensitive and sore and hurts when anything rubs on them like my bra and clothes but nothing i need painkillers for.

New pic

Just love the difference in this top before and after!

So happy

Just came across one of my old bras size 32a, this used to be one of my faves because it fit me well and i never had that gap in the bra because i could fill it. But now the bra wont even cover my nipples! The difference this BA had made to me has made me the happiest girl in the world for anyone considering having a BA go for it best money I've ever spent, worth all the temporary debt lol!

Update PO day 18

No changes just very sore nipples. Hand/arm and the veins still very sore to touch after needle gonna ring up the clinic and ask about it.

19 PO compare pic

2days post op (top) vs 19 days PO (bottom)

3 weeks PO

No changes. Arm still sore from IV got hard lumps in the vein going up my arm rang clinic was told to take ibroprufen and put heat on it, if not better to ring back up tomoz. Nipples still sore, still numb in some places but all okay:) starting to wish i went a little bigger but oh well id much rather have boobs i have now than before.

Loving my boobs

Almost a month old now loving being able to wear booby tops! 2 more weeks until i can get measured and stop wearing sports bras!

Boobs first bit of sun!

1 month post op!

So tomoz i am 1 month post op! I cant believe how quick this has all gone i remember being day 1 and 2 PO just wishing i was a month so i could be pain free! Today i went and got measured ino i should wait 6 weeks and it can change any time but i was to excited! I have measured a 32DD i am sooooooo happy i tried on a bra and it was a perfect fit going to buy some cheap bras in a fortnight and stat wearing them a little but not all the time.

Some pics

1 month PO comparison

Another comparison

New clothes

More clothes

Nipples and stretch marks

As much as i love my boobs lately I'm starting to
feel sad cause they have gotten smaller :( also my nipples feel huge and i have gotten stretch marks around them. Going to start using my bio oil 3 times a day hopefully get rid of them.

Before vs 6 week PO

Bra and holiday shopping!

Bought my first bras today size 32DD only from primark. Also some holiday bits so good being able to show off my new boobs!


:( stretch marks :(

Since i noticed i was getting stretch marks i started using bio oil 2-3 times a day but they just seem to be getting worse:( ive paid so much money for the perfect boobs fell in love with them and ended up with these stretch marks im so sad. I know that i cant get rid of them and can only improve the appearance but just cant help but feel upset.

Stretch marks:(

Stretch marks are getting more noticeable even though im using bio oil 2-3 times a day:( im so upset over them i am now considering laser treatment. Anyone had it?

Almost 2 months PO

2 and half months PO

still not much changes, softer and dropped more. Very used to them now. Still have stretch marks but i am learning to be ok with them and still using bio oil! Scars are slowly fading. Sometimes boobs can be slightly sore but nothing to worry about.

Missed my surgeon post op appt because i was on holiday an got dates mixed up need to book another.

Just come back from holiday and got very sunburnt and now have lots of scabs and pealing learnt my lesson to wear suncream!


First night out with boobs!!

I am so in love with them!
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