375 CC's for this mama of 2! Mentor Mod+ (Silicone gel)

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31 y/o - Mom of 2- New Boobies on the way!

I went to a few consultations with other doctors and he was the one I felt most comfortable with. He was definitely more in-tune with how I was feeling and making sure all of my questions were answered, but also gave me more of a VIP treatment than I was receiving anywhere else. Looking forward to 375 cc's - Silicone Gel! :)

Super sore

Ouch! Super sore along the sides of my breasts and the middle of my chest when I take a deep breath. I got a little nervous about the pressure in my chest immediately after I woke up but the nurse assured me that was normal. The nurses were super sweet and helpful. I've got my mom here taking care of me and my husband. I knew I would be sore but I wasn't ready for the pressure. Hoping it eases up some. On top of the lyrics, Percocet and Muscle relaxers, I was also told if my boobs feel like they're tingling or stinging I can take benedryl too. I hate taking medicine but I wish everything was a little bit stronger right now lol. Hopefully I'll be able to post a pic today once my pain meds kick in again. My breasts are wrapped with tape and covered and the bra is on top. It's like Fort Knox lol. This mystery of what they look like is scary and exciting at the same time lol. Will update again soon!

Wrapped up like a mummy

Boobs all wrapped up like a mummy, prob a good thing lol. Won't be able to see the skin until my check up next week. The jacket makes them look pointy, but they're not.

Before pics

My before pics from the morning of surgery. Small boobs, used to be a 34 B before kids, then after kids, I was very deflated and more like a 32/34 A/B . Nothing fit me right except for my old nursing bras pulled really tight ????

Wrapped up tight like a mummy!

This is what I refer to as mystery boobs! No idea what they look like and can't even peek ahhh!! So weird how every surgeon does things differently. A little jelly about all the other patients on here who get to see theirs the next day... hopefully this is worth the wait! Also, side note: I am extremely bloated from all the IVs and stuff. Hoping this part goes away tomorrow. All in all, feeling good and able to socialize with my family downstairs for like 30 mins but then go back upstairs for mini cat naps.

Counting the days

Until I can see my boobs! Thursday can't come soon enough!! I also feel like this corset bra is more rib trainer lol sucking it allllll in

Finally got the magical #2!

This may be TMI but I know a lot of women on here are suffering from post-surgery constipation due to the meds and all. I finally stopped my pain killers last night which was Day 2 after surgery and yesterday I was taking 3 doses of Colace pills (two after each meal) and did the same for breakfast today. Had coffee, drank lots of water and by evening- voila! I've never been so happy to go to the bathroom lol. Sorry if this is TMI but hopefully it helps someone! ????

Back to work!

Well, today I head back- my surgery was Friday, so I took off Friday, Monday and Tuesday. I feel good enough to go back now for sure, I just wish I had my tape off my boobs. (That happens tomorrow!) for now, I'm going to try to find a cute outfit to compliment my new chest, but I'm going to need to camouflage the tape and it's kind of high... of course, today it's 71 degrees and feels amazing. So this is going to be tricky... outfit TBD. As far as pain, huge improvement. I only feel pain in my lower right boob near my incision and it's only when I over exert myself. I have a little pain still when I'm first waking up and getting out of bed too. They say to roll over on our side and roll out, but that seems to bother me more than simply doing a crunch/sit-up to get out. Anyways- I'll update you guys on what I ended up wearing ????

Tape removed! ????????

Soooooo excited and relieved to have the tape removed!!! No more mystery boobs! Love them already ready! Here's an update of 6 days post op. ????????????????????????????????????????????????
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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