I went from 34A to a 34D. - Breast Augmentation - New York, NY

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I think that after the recovery period is over,...

I think that after the recovery period is over, breast implants are amazing! I will be honest, during recovery I hated myself. I was swollen, in pain for 2 weeks, and using pain medication just feel somewhat comfortable while sleeping. My surgeon did NOT educated me at all about the recovery. His webpage said "you will feel great the next day and return to work on the second day" which was a complete lie. BUT--- i swear, after the recovery I was so happy that my breast were big, round, supple and perky! I went from 34A to a 34D. I will admit that there are certain women who judge me for getting implants. One of my dearest friends had a very strong opinion about getting implants, and she didn't support my decision. So that is a difficult thing to deal with. But I found that a lot of women open up about thier insecurities when they find out about me having implants. It is like they want to know what it is like to have perfect breasts, they want to relate to me and then they end up saying "wow I want implants too!" So I find that I am happy with my body now, and although there was pain (A LOT OF PAIN) the first 1-2 weeks, It was WORTH IT!! And it really can bring you closer to women who share your insecurity.
(and my fiance LOVES them too)

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