Had Breast Implants for 10 Years. 2 Ruptures on Same One - New Jersey

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Got implants 10 years ago. textured. 3 years ago,...

got implants 10 years ago. textured. 3 years ago, the right one ruptured. (saline), 2 weeks ago, the same side ruptured again. I had surgery 9/9/10, and had the implant removed and a new one put in. the implant company paid for the implant. went to doc's thursday, the16th to have stitches removed. turned out i had a massive infection and the implant had to be removed, and now i have no implant, and a drain for all the fluid. my insurance company paid for the removal because of the severity of the infection. I have to have another implant put in. My doc wants to use smooth because he said the chance of infection is less. I think at this point maybe I should get both done? the other one is 10 years. the doctor told me he would pay for the implant he had to remove. I'm hoping he meant the surgery costs too. I don't see why I should have to pay when the infection was caused by the new implant. anyone know? also, any idea how long i have to wait for the next surgery? It's only been 2 days and I'm freaking from only having one breast. thanks so much. sorry so long.

Love the implants. had to remove one due to...

love the implants. had to remove one due to rupture, then remove again due to infection a week later. now i have to wait hopefully only 4 -6 weeks to get my implant back

Paramus Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is excellent! he is very caring and really does wants whats best for you. He';s so nice that when your in surgery, he holds your hand to try and comfort you. He calls from home and on vacations to check on you. I couldnt ask for anyone better. I dont believe it's his fault at all. The implant company, yes. I think they should have to cover all the costs./ if you are in northern jersey, you really need to go see this guy. He takes his time with you, and doesnt get impatient like alot of doctors.

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