First Ematrix Treatment - Brea, CA

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Had my treatment - not sure the level used but...

Had my treatment - not sure the level used but will check next time. I had my entire face treated. I don't some discoloration and fine lines around my eyes.

I felt very little discomfort when the procedure was being performed. However, for three hours after, I felt like my face was on fire and had to ice it constantly. I had not swelling and once the heat sensation stopped feel completely normal. After three days, I can see the dots darken and visible if you are sitting close to me.

I have not seen any improvements but think it might be too soon. I will keep posting.

BTW - read that aquaphore is a good healing ointment - will try that today (3rd day after treatment).

I have now completed the fourth ematrix treatment....

I have now completed the fourth ematrix treatment. I must say, I did not think it was worth the pain or downtime. I often had to stay indoors for at least 3-4 days as I was in a lot of pain and left like my face had been burned.

I am a latina with very light skin and freckles. I was told it was safe to use ematrix on my skin but ended up with hyperpigmentation issues that I didn't have prior to the treatment.

Today (6 months since my first treatment) my provider performed an IPL to try and treat this new problem. I am to have a microdermabrasion in two weeks following.

This was suppose to be safe - but it is now just a painful on-going problem I am now having to deal with.

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Will provide more information as I complete treatment.

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