I Can't Wait to Have my Body Back!

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My youngest is 7 and oldest is almost 20! I am...

My youngest is 7 and oldest is almost 20! I am ready to give something back to myself! Finally I have really decided to go thru with a full body makeover...just want my old body back plus a little extra :) I haven't decided on the Dr. yet, but I have gotten a quote from Salama and Campos already....Salama wont do a BBL, TT, Lipo and Augmentation at the same time as where Campos will. I want to do it all at once because I can't handle 2 recoveries. I also don't know if I want to travel to Mexico to do it. I hear some good things about Jimerson, but he is more expensive. Anyone have any suggestions? I am not trying to spend more than 10k for everything including travel, meds, etc. I dont have any vacation at my job, so I will be without pay for my recovery :( I want this done and healed by next winter.

Updated on 13 Nov 2012:
OMG I am sooo addicted to RS! I have to stop myself from looking at it while at work lol! My boyfriend told me he doesnt want to see no more women bodies lmao (thats a first lol) He said just do what I want, he is happy with me the way I am now (aww, yes he is the man of my dreams...good ol' georgia boy) Today I sent my info and pics to Dr. Ghurani, I hope to hear back soon. I want this done sooo bad! I wish there was a Dr on the west coast that is as good as Salama, Jimerson and Ghurani. It would make my life so much easier than traveling across the country for this.

Just a little info about me. I'm 35 and I have 7 boys.
I'm mixed..Cuban and Black....where my @$$ is, you got me lol!
My body has had it, time for a new improved model!
I am posting some pics of me now....Can't wait to post the after pics!
I weight 200lbs (I do have alot of muscle) - Size 14 jeans
Measurements Now are 42-40-50 roughly
I want to be 36-26-40! Fingers crossed!

If some of the RS veterans on here can tell me what I will need, and must do tips
I would so appreciate it!

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