annoyed with Realself -_-Just waiting for my Liver Levels to go back to normal :P

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Hello All!! Gosh well whats my motivation for a...

Hello All!! Gosh well whats my motivation for a BBL???
To have a curvier figure with a sexy hips to waist ratio ;D I just want a butt!!
My figure is a rectangle :p I have boobs! but thats about it! lol so triangle? lol
I have been considering this procedure vaguely in the past year and seriously this past month. Im excited! I have my first in persona consulation with Dr. Cortes on the 4 of August, and a virtual consultation with Dr. Salama through email :) Im nerves and excited! I have learned so much so far! Hope to continue learning and sharing my experience!

Not a lot to update on since I haven't taken...

Not a lot to update on since I haven't taken pictures and my in town consultation is next week!

Here are some stats
Im 5'0 tall
Weight is 145
Measurements are 40-33-39

I have read that majority of the BBL include lipo of the abdomen, flanks, upper and lower back but I have been also thinking about doing my arms and axillary. I have learned that some ladies do not like that your arms feel big in comparison to your new body and that axiliary will help with the bra bulge. Does anyone have input on these?

Also would Dr. Salama count the arms as one or 2 spots? lol

Also i read that some people do their thighs to help with the booty crease? I wanted to ask if anyone has read or done this?

Hello BBL Ladies! Just posting an update on...

Hello BBL Ladies!
Just posting an update on where Im at! lol My in town consultation (Houston) is on saturday morning with Dr. Cortes. :D They charge a 45.00 fee which was a bummer to find out :p but Im going anyways to ask my questions! Im making a list of question or things I want to ask. I feel so motivated with everyones posting and updates! Im nervous of course! I guess my worst case scenerio will be THERES NO HOPE! lol or that my wish pic is way out of my league. These are my apprehensions :p but i cant worry about things that are currently out of my control. Well I will keep yall posted!

Hello BBL Ladies!! I went to my local...

Hello BBL Ladies!!
I went to my local consultation (Houston) on Saturday 8/4/2012 with Dr. Wilberto Cortes.
There is a consultation fee for 45.00 but to me it was worth seeing the doctor in person and asking my questions.
Here is what he quoted me
Doctor Fees 5,620.00
Facility Fees 3,688.00
Total amount of $9,308.00- Price includes: 1 garment, 1 hospital stay, and lab work that’s needed.
I have 30 days to pay the deposit of $500 for them to honor the price and to hold my surgery date and I have to have the entire balance paid a week before my surgery.
Now that I have the facts stated, I will tell my story about how it went and why I decided on Dr. Cortes instead of Dr. Salama.
My appt was early Saturday morning, I was not feeling well, but I was determined to go either way even if my mind was not at its sharpest.
I showed up, fill out paper work paid for my consultation and waited to be seen.
I believe I waited 15-20 min and then they took me to the room where they asked me to change into this sexy black robe. lol I felt silly in it, but it was comfortable. There I waited another 15 min, mean while entertained myself playing with the sample silicone and saline boob implants lol and of course they had a scale so I hop on it and weight 150 :O
SIDE NOTE: I have been purposely gaining weight to see the doctor and gained 15 pounds for the consultation to give the weight I will be when the surgery arrives.
He came in and greeted me; he sat down on the chair next to me and read through my paper work (health history). I told him I wanted the BBL and he asked if he could take a look at me and I said yes. He put on his gloves and grabbed my fat lol He said I was a great candidate, had plenty of fat and he could do 200 cc on my hips each side, fill In my sides and tush and said he could do 600-800 cc on each cheek. He said he would do my arms. I also asked him about an unsightly mole and he said he would not charge me to remove it :D Overall my experience was great, even with feeling horribly sick :p lol I wish I asked more question but that was more because I didn’t feel alert as far as my questioning. He in no way rushed me or made me feel uncomfortable. The few questions I did ask he answered knowledgeably. Their entire staff was nice, helpful, and courteous.
One of the many reasons I decided on Dr. Cortes was because he is local, meaning any complication he will be able to address it personally. He seems to care and follow his patients over time, and he is realistic about you can accomplish. I felt comfortable with him and look forward to the new me :D

Hello just wanted to share some of the Articles I...

Hello just wanted to share some of the Articles I just finished reading :)

Good Morning BBL Ladies :) Im going to share my...

Good Morning BBL Ladies :) Im going to share my inner thoughts about what im feeling at this time, Im a very up beat person and any other thought that isnt happy I keep to myself so im going a little dark today :p sorry lol but this is the only outlet i have to where people have possible gone through what im feeling.

Inner thoughts:
Im in the surreal part of this journey. The part where I havent paid my deposit and havent set the date yet. Where I have finally decided on a doctor and have done the consultation, price and read every blog possible to prepare myself with out actually going through it. The part where Im done with the majority part of my research. Where i have asked all the questions i can think of, Where I need to just pay the deposit and set my date and make this official. The part where it CAN be possible real for me, where I can visualize my goal and feel excited and ready. The part where i feel the deepest fear of possibly not waking up... To where i feel im gabbling my life for something i just want and not need. ugh sorry about this ladies, I hope im not the only one thinking or feeling this way. Im still going through the procedure because its something I have always wanted and will always be in the back of my mind.

To tell the truth i had always talked about BBL, and it wasnt until my mom at age 53 had her TT and all these other procedure shes always wanted her whole life done. It made me see how brave she was and how you can always wait but enjoying it at your youth is priceless. She encourage me and even offered to take care of me and let me borrow for the deposit. Unknowingly she gave me the push i needed to finally say Im doing something for myself!

Hello Ladies!!! I just paid my deposit and set...

Hello Ladies!!!
I just paid my deposit and set my surgery date!!! :D :D :D
My surgery will be (God allowing) January 25, 2013!!!

I cant wait!!!! Im so excited!!!!!!!!!! Its finally real!!!!!!!

Morning Girls! Finally today I started...

Morning Girls!

Finally today I started reading my postop care :) its comforting to know that they consider the first 24 hrs the mos difficult, I can usually deal with pain if i know it has an end to it! lol So thats good to know!


Great news! Totally excited! I have 4000.00...

Great news!
Totally excited! I have 4000.00 saved to pay for my surgery and my mom actually offered to let me borrow the remaining amount! I think thats so cool of her! totally unexpected! She told me at least it will help with the interest charge! :)

Hello all nothing really to update, just have been...

Hello all nothing really to update, just have been dreaming of January and what my results will hopefully look like :p
As always feel puffy (fat) and some of my clothes doesnt fit >;[ lol

Reading this article talking about...

Reading this article talking about surgeries!

Surgery is Safer in the Morning

Many surgeries take place in the morning because an operation may be lengthy and patients aren’t supposed to eat beforehand. Hunger, thirst, and often nervousness can wear on the patient as the day goes on.

Although surgeries can take place any time of day, patients have fewer problems with anesthesia in the morning compared to the afternoon, according to a study published in Quality and Safety in Health Care.

Researchers looked at data from over 90,000 operations and found that nausea and vomiting after surgery, pain management problems, and other post-operative complications were four times as likely in operations which started at 4 p.m. compared to those which began at 9 a.m.

Good morning BBL Ladies! :D I had to share...

Good morning BBL Ladies! :D

I had to share this with ya'll so i just was married early in the year and i was 130 and now well im 150. Today the HR lady said to me "you have gained so much weight, are you pregnant?" i said "No, Im just fat" lol
i thought it was funny, shes an older lady but i guess no matter how long people live it doesnt necessarly mean you learn its rude to comment peoples weight especially when its an intrusive question like pregnant. Normally i would be rude and defensive but eh i know what awaits for me in January ;D

later ladies, until someone else calls me fat! lol


3 months before:
Hello all! :D This week makes it officially 3 months before my surgery! :O omg im so excited!!! So far all i have bought for my procedure is a squeem! lol i need to get another garment to have one to change into while i wash the other one. My plan is to not put on a smaller garment but add a squeem and reduce it as i move forward. I will keep it on for at least 3 months but aiming for 6 months (i want the smallest waist possible).

I am making a list but havent bought anything on there :p

I added Wish Pics :) I really love this girls shape as far as her waist, hips and butt :)

Nervous over here, they did a CMP (blood work) on...

Nervous over here, they did a CMP (blood work) on me bc they said my liver levels were high, please pray for me im waiting to see what the doctor says on this second test :/

I got my results said that my liver level are more...

i got my results said that my liver level are more elevated then the last time :/ sigh
Im going to my primary doc this week to hopefully find out what the cause is and take care of it. I need to be in good health in order have my surgery and well because i dont want to have a bad liver.

Keep yall posted.

More rain on my parade :p I had more liver...

More rain on my parade :p
I had more liver testing done and they told me my levels doubled :( im worried and scared. Now im going for an ultrasound to get it check out, im hoping it clears soon. Looks like my BBL might be delayed but idk yet ill find out by december what im going to do.
Wish me luck ladies!

Good Morning Ladies, I received my ultrasound...

Good Morning Ladies, I received my ultrasound results today regarding my liver, they showed a mass about 16 mm in size thats making my liver work hard. The images do not show really well what it is so my doctor ordered a CT Scan. Doc. said that it could be nothing but we wont know until she gets a better image, they might have to take it out.
As of now, it feel like more and more like my BBL in january will have to be delayed but im going to wait until my results of the CT scan and her diagnostic. Thinking positives here I found my liver problem right away so I will be able to take care of it, I will have more time to save for my BBL, I am not losing hope that one day I will have the shape I dream of, but for now I will put my health first. Another plus is that the prices are good for a year :) n Dr. Cortes has always been flexiable with his dates! Hoping for the best and I will keep you posted.

Good Morning girls, I received my CT scan results...

Good Morning girls, I received my CT scan results and again their inconclusive, my general doctor referred me to a specialist. I asked her about my BBL and she said since its not a necessary surgery i will have to reschedule it until the find out what it is.
Im a little bummed. But i have waited this long, I can wait a little longer.
I will continue to post and read yalls stories :)

Good Morning everyone! I received my MRI...

Good Morning everyone!

I received my MRI results for my liver and now I'm going to a specialist to see what he tells me the best path for me is, the good news is that the mass in my liver is not cancerous :) Thank you GOD!

I have rescheduled my BBL for May 24, 2013 but I am not certain I will be cleared by then, so I will keep updating everyone on my journey!

Happy New Year everyone!

Good Morning Ladies!! :D Heres an update from...

Good Morning Ladies!! :D

Heres an update from me! I had to go to a specialist about my liver levels n he said that he can not give me a time frame or clear me for surgery in May. So I had to cancel my surgery date until further notice :P
Sure at first I get a little bummed out but for now God wants me to focus on my health. I will be doing just that and I hope that I will be cleared and who knows maybe by the end of this year I can finally have my surgery! :)

Thank you for all your prayers please dont stop them coming! I need all I can get!

Much love to everyone!

Hello everyone! :D No big update to give, I...

Hello everyone! :D

No big update to give, I have a liver biopsy this month, hopefully that will give me the answers I need!

Im still keeping up with yall stories!! Bes of luck to everyone!!

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!! Just to let...

Happy Easter Weekend everyone!!

Just to let yall know I havent been receiving notifications which is frustrating, I have been reporting it. Every time I make the changes to receive notification they revert back to 'Never'.

I will do my best to reply back to yalls post either way! :)

So I think I have a fatty liver 0_o bc i gained...

So I think I have a fatty liver 0_o bc i gained weight? idk im going to get my final diagnostic by the end of this week.

Hopefully my specialist can tell me if I can have my surgery or when it will be appropriate.

Side Note 1: Dr. Cortes office keeps sending me a invoice saying my amount is past due? idk what that means I explained my situation and never had my surgery, I paid my deposit but that was it. Just wanted to let yall know, for the record I dont feel its appropriate to charge someone a pass due amount when the services where not preformed and it was for health reasons.

Side note 2: I am still not able to receive any notifications -_-

*** forgive my grammer errors :P such as where...

*** forgive my grammer errors :P such as where instead of were, I should really proof read****

Good Morning ladies! Ok well my biopsy reports...

Good Morning ladies!
Ok well my biopsy reports showed that I have high fat in my liver, he put me on Vitamin E (1000) per day and gave me until July to lose 20 pounds n to be more active. He also wants me to get an MRI after the weighloss and my blood levels checked to see my progress.

So yupe thats pretty much what he said, now i dont have any idea why my liver is not working properly Im thinking he wants my weight down to see how it affects my liver levels. Im offcial on weighloss mode, going to do my best to get cleared by August :) Im hoping to get my surgery by the end of this year but only time will tell. God willing its just my poor diet and hopefully by correcting it my body will go back to normal!

Wow lots of spelling errors :-O sorry ladies!

wow lots of spelling errors :-O sorry ladies!

I have lost count of how many times I have...

I have lost count of how many times I have messaged RealSelf about my problem with not receiving notifications, they have said they are looking into it but have never updated me and its been over a week. Severly annoyed.

Corrections its been months since i have not...

Corrections its been months since i have not received notifications -_-
its been a over a week and a half since anyone has responded to me messages.
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I HAVENT HAD THE PROCEDURE DONE YET BUT IT REQUIRES ME TO RATE I found Dr. Cortes through google! Out of all the doctor he gave and understood what I hope to aim (through reading his blog and responses).

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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