29 3 Kids 5'8 225lbs

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Okay so I am soooo glad that I found this website....

Okay so I am soooo glad that I found this website. Seeing reviews and post-op pics really helped me narrow down on a few doctors. I am torn between going to the DR or staying in the US. I love the hour glass results in the DR and I noticed that the US isn't as aggressive with the lipo... Ugh, it's a very hard decision but a decision will have to be made. I want to have mine surgery done around march of next year. I'm using this time to research and get my money together. Also, being that I am a big girl I like to see results from ppl that or bigger framed as well. It really give me real expectations so I will so pics of me soon...

29 3kids 5'8

These are my inspiration pictures! I am trying to lose some weight so I will get the best possible result. I recieved my consult from Dr.Almonte and I am really leaning towards her doing my BBL. She says minimum stay of 10 days in a recovery house and I am wondering is it really necessary that I stay a whole 10 days??? Idk but I am really excited and hope to have my new body by my 30th birthday next year.

29 3kids 5'8 225lbs

So this is how I currently look. I am trying so hard drop to at the very least drop 25lbs. But my goal is 40-50lbs by next year. It has been a bit of a struggle for me sticking to a diet. I can't really afford to get ALL my trouble areas lipo so I am trying to lose and tone them on my own. As you can see my breast are a size smaller than the other and I hope to have some work done there too... But I'm cool with wearing a push up bra like always lol until then... This site is helpful though, because seeing other ppl results give me that push.

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