"Sunburnt Lips from Zoom...!"

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Had some funds left in my Health Care account, so...

Had some funds left in my Health Care account, so decided to Zoom. Used my local dentist.

Treatment in the afternoon and by that evening, it was clear something was wrong. Lips swelled. Looked like I had been in a fight. Had to call in sick next day. Went to see the dentist and he diagnosed an allergic reaction. Provided Benadryl and said visit in the next day or two. Having been the victim of the odd sunburn (fair skinned), my guess was that the UV effectively sunburned my lips.

On my return checkup, another dentist was in and confirmed my thoughts about the burn. Calmed down after a few days. A few blisters.

Results were marginally noticeable at best and a couple of years later, you'd never know I had anything done. I'd say skip it. Spend your time and money properly brushing and flossing.

I firmly believe that inexperience was part of the problem in my situation. Zoom was relatively new to the office and it sure seemed like training was a bit lacking.

Dr. Michael Clancy

All other procedures have been done extremely well and professionally. This was a one time situation unfortunately.

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