47 Year Old Female - MT

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I've always hated my high forehead. Seven years...

I've always hated my high forehead. Seven years ago I spent over $4000 at Bosley to try and hide my receding hairline. Once I got there I realized that it wasn't going to be enough here for what I needed. But I went ahead with it anyway not realizing I had other options. Couple of years ago I googled on flooring for heads and found out that you could have that procedure. I live in Montana. I am a hairstylist so this is always frustrating me with the lack of different ways that I could wear my hair. I found a plastic surgeon in my town that I highly trusted. Opted out for general anesthesia and went local to save money. The surgery itself was a piece of cake. I was so pleased!!! My surgery was yesterday but I have some pictures from before and I had my band is she taking off today. So here's a few just to show you.

Some more before and after 3rd day post op

Here is me before and the latest after pretty gnarly!????

Staph infection

Unfortunately I developed a staph infection. It's been a scary few days. Dr. had to remove a couple of stitches to release some of the fluid. Antibiotics are finally kicking in. It's a risk you take when you do elective surgery. I'd show pictures but it would scare you. It does look like things are looking up and that is just a setback. ????

Still no regrets

I thought I should add... Still no regrets even with a setback! It's amazing how much work I used to have to put into hiding my hairline. Since surgery I haven't done anything but washed and run my fingers through it. Still looks better than all the effort I put into it before. So I'll be updating more and eventually show those gnarly pictures. Once I heal! ????
Bozeman Plastic Surgeon

I can't say enough about the staff and Dr.Mealer. You'll have to have a little patience me. I'm a bit drugged up right now! Lol went into the office was given Ativan, diazepam, I opted for local anesthesia "didn't even hurt". Honestly was a piece of cake! I thought it might be scary having the surgery while being awake but this staff is so professional. I prepared myself ahead of time by reading reviews on this sight and I even watched the surgery online and new exactly what to expect. I have zero complaints it was incredible experience! I Will follow up with more pictures!

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