Smart Lipo/Abs/Back------29, Weighing at 216 Pounds - 5'3

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OK guys!! So i'm going in on 5/5/17 for...

OK guys!!
So i'm going in on 5/5/17 for liposuction on my stomach and back area, I must say I am extremely overwhelmed.
Nervous and ready at the same time, this is something that i am sure to hope will be life changing. I must admit I believe that I am very beautiful however, I love to eat which leaves me with stubborn areas that I just cant get happy about when wearing a swim suit. No one really notices my weight due to my clothes as well as sucking my stomach in. I was informed I have a stomach malfunction now and can't seem to breath the correct way. I breath the total opposite per my doctor...
Watch my story!!!

Smart Lipo/Abs/Back

OK, so I received a call for a prep talk and also a change in the time. Thank goodness no change in the date. I am all set and the only thing missing is a plastic bed cover or shower curtain. Guess more shopping to do?
Friday is almost here!!!!!!!!

Smart Lipo/Abs/Back

1 more day!!!!!
Omg this is it....

Smart Lipo Abs & Back


Smart Lipo/Abs/Back

I Did it!!!!!!!
Keep up with my story, pics coming soon. A little sore, but meds are doing the job from the pain I had when I woke up from being knocked out lol.

Smart Lipo Abs/Back/flanks Pain

ALL DONE!!!!!!
I arrived at 1pm yesterday and got straight to things. Dr. Benjamin is the best! I'm sure there are other great doctors but he sure is hilarious and him and his wife make you feel great about things. They knocked my out lol and I woke up and felt like it all happened so fast. I woke up with pain, but I got a dose. Licked in real fast. Ate some cracker and Apple juice, to 2 pills and felt like I could do this. I got up slowly walked out to the car with great help. Felt like God was with me because I made it all the way home and in my bathroom before I literally leaked everywhere. Everywhere!!!! Like down my legs to my feet, but had help wiping it off. I ate the Ritz crackers, the tiny one and kept everything down. When I stand up I get dizzy. But I try and just walk slow. I also sit up then wait a bit before I stand. It's all Normal. Feeling good, pain...yes but so far I can tolerate it. More pics to come, I'm just really echausted.

Smart Lipo And & Back 2 days post op

So I bled like Cray when I got home my first day. But waking up Saturday I was dry, stood up nothing leaked. Happy there isn't another big mess. Really happy to have had the love and support anyone could ever ask for. I'm swollen but I know for sure there is a difference.

Smart Lipo Abs and Back

Well Day 3, and I'm in pain. Like not crucial pain. But I can't stand up straight, my back is killing me I'm hunched over and just had to leave work I am starting to bruise, I'm tired and feel so big I'm just keeping you guys updated on today. I'll be back, it's nap time.

Smart Lipo Abs

Feeling better by the day

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Took a Shower, easy peezy...

Showering was fine, changing my pads not so cool because I have a weak stomach. I'm impatient but I can see some slow results..

Day 9 ????

Well some days it seems I'm swollen a bit much, but others like today which is the pic on the right I feel like it's going down. I can't wait to take this Damon Garmet off.


Hey guys,
I am so glad to say the pain is just about gone, I removed 4 of my gauze pads because the incisions are closed. Starting to itch more but better than the pain. I'm still swollen of course but it's definitely going down. I weighed myself today and I'm down 3 pounds. Yah!!!!

Lipo Stomach & Back

So slowly but surely the pain is just about gone, and the swelling is going down. Just can't wait for it to be all over and done. I have 8 new swim suits ????

Heyyy Guys!!!

I must say I'm loving the difference. I'm very anxious for the final but so far I'm happy. My sides look so good I finally can see I have hips. Ayeeee!!!! Lol. I removed all gauze pads but I keep my garmet on faithfully. Sat hit 4 weeks. I have started in a 2xl Garmet, now down to a sm/med. Unbelievable right??!! Well guys, I shall return.


Week away from 2 months Post Op

Really happy with my results and now it's time to hit the gym. It ain't over until I say so!!!!!

I'm still swollen

Liposuction Stomach & Back

Soooooo I hit 2 months on Thursday July 5th. I'm loving my results. Hear some updated pics from today!!!

Liposuction Stomach/Back/Sides

Here's a update y'all ????

When I arrived at for my consultation, I was already nervous thinking "girlllll, what are you doing" As I walked in, I was greeted and started to feel real comfortable. The assistants as well as Dr. Benjamin's wife were very welcoming.

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