Unhappy with Outcome - Please Beware of Smart Lipo and Take Note - Boulder, CO

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I would advise that anyone who is considering...

I would advise that anyone who is considering SmartLipo, really think twice! I had regular Smart Lipo on my outer thighs, knees and flanks, 3 months ago. To say I am unhappy with the outcome is an understatement.

I am 5ft 3" and weigh about 120lbs. I am very small boned and any weight I put on goes straight to my thighs, hips and bottom. I finally decided to see if surgery could help. I read extensively about the latest, newest type of liposuction- Smart Lipo, which boasted a quicker recovery time, less bruising and swelling and less stress on the body with great results.

Here is my experience: Firstly, the operation itself was terribly painful.There was no anesthetic or 'twilight anesthetic', just the pain medication I had filled at the pharmacy before the operation.I wasn't too concerned at the time as I trusted the doctor and was told there was minimal pain during the procedure due to the local anesthetic which was injected into the areas to be treated. However, despite taking the maximum pain medication prior to and during the op, I was very uncomfortable and in great pain. I felt the instruments pulling and tugging at my skin and it didn't stop. This was very stressful and distressing. I would not have undergone the treatment if I had known how painful and distressing it was going to be.

Post operation results: In most testimonies I had read about Smart Lipo, people asserted they had gone back to work the next day. I don't know how this would be possible - these people must have uber high tolerances to pain, as I had to stay in bed for 4-5 days. I was in a lot of pain and there was so much fluid coming out of the wounds, that bed was the most 'comfortable' place to try and recover. Leakage from the wounds is supposed to be par for the course, but I had no idea it would be so much. I was totally unprepared for the pain also. I was taking the maximum number of painkillers during this time. My body was very swollen and very bruised. The most painful areas were my outer thighs and flanks (back of hips). The bruising on my legs did not go down for about 7 weeks, and there is some swelling. My thighs are still painful in the area where most fat was taken out. My hips were painful to the touch for about 2.5 months, especially near my backbone. My knees were not really painful, but they have noticeable dark red scars on the inside of each. The left knee has some hard, gristle type of tissue around the scar.

It is now 3 months since I had the surgery. My flanks look good, which is ironic as this area was the least of my concern and I felt I was persuaded to have this area done. My knees are fine, though they didn't really worry me to begin with either. The main reason I had this surgery done was to feel more comfortable and look more in proportion, in a swim suit. But now, I can only wear board shorts as my outer thighs look terrible. It looks like a shark has taken a huge chunk out of each leg. After examining the results on a daily basis, my partner and I have reached the conclusion that the doctor took too much fat out of one area in my thighs, and did not 'sculpt' the rest of my thighs. Now there is no fat in each of these pockets, but around, above and below, there is fat from my natural leg shape, which he did not treat. I will have to have this corrected if I ever want to wear a swimsuit again. But I'm not confident it can be fixed, totally. How do you replace fat?? I am now thoroughly researching other plastic surgeons in my area and will get 2-3 'second' opinions before doing anything further.

I am so disappointed in myself for having this done, as I feel as though I have permanently disfigured myself. My thoughts to other hefty thighed women - please please research your doctor and be thorough. If you are not happy beforehand or at any point leading up to the surgery, listen to your instincts.

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I don't feel that I was given enough information. ( A booklet which doesn't address all concerns or the problems which DO arise. I feel as though I was rushed through the whole process, a bit like an assembly line. Post op, i have been very unhappy, and whilst the doctor has said he will do a revision for no extra cost, I am not confident. My concerns have been glossed over and excuses made for the clearly terrible state of my thighs.

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