40 Years Old 36 GG, Want to Be a C or D

Im 2 weeks out until my BR, this site has been so...

Im 2 weeks out until my BR, this site has been so helpful! Im trying to prepare myself mentally and to make sure I have everything I need to heel properly. Im waiting to find out from my doctor is I can start the Arnica. I have 2 different types...the 6C and the 30C. Once its confirmed, Im not sure which one I take before the surgery and after. Can anyone recommend? Im sure I will have plenty of questions, and I will post some pics soon. Things Im most nervous about are: having the drains in for 6 days ( per my dr's orders) Uneven scars, not able to go back to waiting tables at my restaurant for more than 2 weeks, not able to have a BM ( i currently have an anal fissure from not enough fiber and a cleanse that i did a few months ago...TMI sorry), and reactions to anesthetic. I am however, thankful for this website and for all you brave women who are willing to talk about your experience. Its inspiring and is tremendously helping with nerves.

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