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33 year old mom of two boys (7 & 4) hopping to...

33 year old mom of two boys (7 & 4) hopping to get some volume with breast lift combined with Platlet Rich Plasma (PRP) fat transfer. I'm 5'5", 135 lbs and around a 34B in my right and probably an A in my left.

I've never had big boobs by any means but they were ok then I had 2 babies and they became flat with no volume. I enjoy running and want to keep doing it after my surgery as it helped me get back close to my pre-pregnancy size and helps me keep my sanity. During my journey to get my body back as much as possible, I've tried all kinds of things from lots of push-up/upper body workouts to pills that are supposed to temporarily enhance breasts but nothing has worked. There is just nothing to them so they don't change. I really want boobs that can fill a bra or swim suit top but do not want implants. I'd probably just use push up bras but there's nothing to push up in my left boob especially. They fold and look so weird when pushed up. Fat transfer seems like the best permanent option available so I've been watching updates from others on RealSelf to see what the long term results look like.

I finally decided to meet with Dr. Hartley in March. He asked why I wanted fat transfer and we discussed several of my questions and the overall procedure. One of my questions was around breast cancer as my grandmother had breast cancer in the early 80's. He mentioned maybe doing implants instead as they do not impact mammograms but said he'd make his final opinion once he was able to see what he was working with. So he left the room and I put the robe on. When he came back in he had an implant ready to discuss that option if needed however; after his review he said I would be a great candidate for fat transfer (thankfully!) and didn't say another word about implants which I was so happy about as I don't want a foreign object or multiple surgeries. He thinks that with one surgery I will have great results especially if I do a breast lift with it. He said what I really need is a breast lift and that adding some fat would fill my boobs in great.

Between the price and getting both procedures done I really wasn't sure what to do. After a few weeks of thinking about it, sending several more questions to Summer (Dr. Hartley's nurse) and getting my husbands blessing I decided to schedule my surgery for May 5th (today). I figured if I don't do it then I won't stop looking into it and wanting it so I might as well do it, right? I'm super excited and nervous about it. I've never had surgery before and I'm hoping for the best results possible.

I had my surgery today and am home recovering. So far so good. I have minimal pain when moving around. I did end up with drains which sucks but oh well. I'm suck with the drains, the binder and bra with no shower till after my 5 day follow up Wednesday (5/10) morning which I expected minus the drains. Hopefully all goes well!

Day #2

I am feeling pretty good today. Taking my pain pills along with all other prescriptions/vitamins/minerals as prescribed. I've been up moving around some but mainly just taking it easy so my body can heal properly.

Day 5

I saw Dr. Hartley and his nurse Summer this morning for my 5 day follow-up. All is going well and looks great! Summer removed my staples and drains this morning then we put some lose gauze under a clean bra. After the appointment, I came home and shower. I feel so much better now without the drains and now that I'm clean.

One week post op - doing great!

Overall, I feel pretty good. My mid-section hurts when I move sometimes from the lipo for the fat transfer. Still wearing my compression on my mid-section as directed. It feels better supported too. The bruises are looking a lot better now too.

My boobs don't hurt at all, are no longer leaking fluid and still have some feeling! I can feel my bra & shirt moving as I walk or move around which is a relief.

2 week follow up appt

I had my 2 week follow up today with Summer and Dr. Hartley. All looks great and I'm feeling good too. Most of my incisions have closed and I was given the green light to start some light work-outs! I'm supposed to keep my heart rate around 120-130 or less so that means some walking at a decent pace, easy cycling and what not. I was also told to start my scar cream with gentle massage for 30 seconds per incision twice a day.

Before & 2 weeks after collage

3 Week Update

It's been 3 weeks now and all is going really well. I'm impressed at how fast the incisions closed and how good they look already. I also love the shape of my breasts now.

Overall, I feel great. Some of my incisions are sore by the end of each day with the bra rubbing them so I'm glad I can go bra less at night now. My stomach still looks like a washboard and feels odd (not really sure how to describe it) when I'm moving around without the compression garment. I was cleared to not wear it at my last visit but it just feels better on so I'm still wearing it during the day. My next check up with Dr. Hartley is next Thursday June 1st.

One Month Update!

I can't believe it's one month today! Everything is healing up nicely. Dr. Hartley believes my retention is 80-90% and believes that it will stay now. He gave me the blessing to do anything in terms of activity as long as it doesn't hurt. Yay! He did say that I need to have good support for cardio workouts so I went to Victoria Secret for sizing and to buy a couple sports bras today. My official size is 32D which is not a expected to change at this point. I did not buy anything other than 2 sports bras as I want to make certain nothing changes before I buy a bunch of bras since they are so expensive.

My stomach is still very tight and still looks like a washboard in spots from the lipo. Dr. Hartley said it will take a while to loosen up and that I need to be patient with it which will be hard for me. He said I can do ab workouts too but that I do not necessarily need to do anything with my stomach for now.

My next follow-up appointment will be at the end of the summer.

3 Month Update

Life is pretty much back to normal. Still applying scar cream 1-2 times daily. Running is getting back to normal. I'm a bit slower than I was in April but I haven't pushed too hard to get back to my before surgery pace especially with the hot summer. I think I can pick my speed up again once it cools down a bit and if I focus on it. I do not believe I've lost any volume since my last update. I purchased a couple 32D bras which fit great! Also, my weight is up 3-4 lbs but I think that's from not pushing myself too hard with workouts and eating a good amount of calories in an attempt to keep my volume. Overall, I'm still very happy with my decision to do this surgery and with the outcome.

Just over 4 months

It's been just over 4 months since surgery. Things are healing nicely and life is back to normal. Still wearing a 32D bra and I'm 1-2 lbs away from my pre-surgery weight. I'm running 15-25 miles a week and just started doing some cross-training. Please let me know if you have any specific questions.
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hartley has great bedside manner which helped both me and my husband before and after my procedure. He has been very informative. Follow-up appointments are quick but he makes sure all questions are answered before he leaves the room. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great ps.

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