Botox/Restylane “cocktail”

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It seems like every doctor has a mixture of...

It seems like every doctor has a mixture of fillers and needles that s/he uses to get the results they want. My doc is no different - he swears by a combination of Botox and Restylane and now I do too.

I had really bad wrinkling between my eyes (my “angry lines”) that had gone from being there when I was thinking or mad to being there all the time. I tried Botox once and had decent results with it, then I tried Restylane from the same dermatologist and also was okay with the results. Not bad and the lines were diminished, but they were still there and they’d reappear, depending on which procedure I had, when I made certain expressions. It was a so-so result but also very frustrating.

When I called around for a plastic surgeon to do other procedures I asked about these lines and settled on the amazing doctor I visit now. He does the Botox first and treats the stubborn muscles, then fills in the lines with Restylane. What a genius! I have now been swearing by this “cocktail” mix for nearly three years now, with visits 2-3 times per year. He is making a lot of money off of it too as a few of my friends have gone for their own problem areas. I have gotten discounts for referring friends and his entire staff is so pleasant every time I go and they even know me by name.

I swear by Botox and Restylane and can’t rave enough about the genius that came up with this combo treatment.
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