Botox Well Worth It for Me, Needs to Be Maintained

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At 40 I decided, even thought I'm pretty fit &...

At 40 I decided, even thought I'm pretty fit & young looking, the horizontal lines starting on my forehead were getting just too ugly and they made me feel old.

A friend recommended trying Botox, and that they had had it. I was surprised, because I hadn't noticed they used it - I'd just noticed they looked good.

I would definitely make sure to go to a good provider. Find one friends go to and recommend.

I had permanent makeup on my eyebrows years ago, and now notice that if my Dr. isn't careful (and luckily she is), my eyebrows will arch too much. But other than that, Botox is great! I look 10 years younger.

Pros: Takes off about 10 years of aging in just minutes for me. Cost isn't THAT much, comparatively. Pain has been minimal.

Cons: Needs to be maintained. I wish it would last for a year or more! For me, Botox lasts about 4-5 months - then I stretch it to 6 months so at least I'm only paying for treatments twice a year. For me it takes effect right away (in a day), for my one of my friends it can take 5-10 days for the full effect to set it.

I've always been prone to migraines and had read some people have fewer migraines after using Botox. That wasn't the case for me - but that wasn't my main hope for Botox, so Botox is still great.

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Find a very experienced provider - eyebrows can arch too much if the provider is not well trained and skilled.

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