Botox Was Great but I Can Only Afford It As a "Treat"

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I got Botox in the frown lines in my forehead 18...

I got Botox in the frown lines in my forehead 18 months ago. There was no real reason. I just decided to do it one day and I did like what I got. The effect was very weird. You could progressively feel the muscles freezing until about Day #5 when I woke up and couldn’t wrinkle my forehead anymore. It’s actually a little scary to wake up with your brain telling your body to do something and it doesn’t happen. It felt strange to be paralysed, even minorly. I had to see myself in a mirror to believe it. So from about Day #5 forward I really liked my results. People took me for mid-30s when I am definitely NOT mid-30s. ;-) That’s a ringing endorsement right there! This was the one and only time I’ve ever gone somewhere for a cosmetic procedure. I won’t even buy teeth whitening strips or get my hair coloured. It’s not that I see it as a waste of money necessarily but it is very expensive. I have a family, three kids, so there always seems to be something better to spend a few hundred quid on. If you can afford it then I say go for it. So I did like it but I don’t know when I’ll be back. I may wait for a landmark birthday and ask for Botox gift vouchers, if there is such a thing. That would be a nice treat for myself and my kids wouldn’t have to see “mad mam” for a few months!
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