Botox Took my "Grumpy" Look Away!

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Did it for the 1st time about 6 years ago...had a...

Did it for the 1st time about 6 years ago...had a perpetual scowl...I could not "unfrown!" I've experienced the best and the worst. Loved it the first time. After about 6 or so times, the medical professional who I went to passed away and I tried someone else. It was the worst experience ever.

I became very ill and the lids of both eyes drooped dramatically. In fact, I could not see out of one eye. Thankfully, Iopidine drops helped get me through till the effects wore off - patience is required when this took about 2 months for me to look better.

Then I waited quite some time and just did not like that scowl when it started to return. So, I'm having it done again.

Pros: a much more softened look on my face. really have to select the person administering it wisely! It's also important to adhere to all of the post instructions!

Center for Laser Surgery

These healthcare practioners perform a lot of botox. They are very reliable and proficient. They helped me when I got a bad result from another doc, and prescribed the drops that got me through the ordeal.

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