Botox - It All Depends on the Skill of the Doctor

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I've had Botox with 3 different doctors. One was...

I've had Botox with 3 different doctors. One was great, with the other two I had terrible results. I learned that it all depends on the doctor.

I started about 4 years agao with Doctor # 1. My eyelids started drooping, my eyebrows went up at the corners Jack Nicholson style. He never got my frown line area immobilised. Results lasted 4 weeks at best.

Then I went to Dr. # 2. The results were great! It still looked natural. I can still lift my eyebrows slightly but not pull them together (the frownline is my biggest concern). Forehead and crowsfeet were smoothed out. I don't think anyone ever noticed that I had Botox. I just look younger and relaxed. I have been going to this doctor for the past 3 years.

Around Christmas time I couldn't get an appointment scheduled when I had time though. Since I happened to be at my dermatologist I asked him for Botox. Big mistake! It didn't work at all betweeen the eyebrows and the forehead started to move again after just a couple of weeks. So I went back. He gave me another big dose between the eyebrows (30 units). I was sick for 4 days afterwards (nautious, killer headache) and hardly could make it out of bed. On top of it he charged double what I usually pay.

Needless to say that in future I'll stick with doc #2 and make sure that I schedule appointments in time.


Boca Raton Ophthalmologist

Excellent results. See review. He's Dr #2

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