Botox Smoothed out Wrinkles Immediately - Orlando, FL

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I had my crows feet done initially and noticed a...

I had my crows feet done initially and noticed a smoother appearance immediately; however, I still had lines, they didn't disappear and are present upon smiling big. I was told the full effects would take 10 days. I went in 14 days later and had my frown lines done. Those look great now too. He also "had some left over" and went under the eye area and around the crows feet again. Now, I have a bruise under my right eye that we immediately put a cold press on. It is apparent to others even with makeup and it has been 2 days. I am glad I read on here, not to be massaging the area because I thought thought that would help circulation. I have read some disturbing things about the side effects and it makes me glad I am only doing a small part at a time. I understand the next step is to exfoliate with a light peel or microdermabrasion. I don't want to have a frozen face either, but I would like to minimize the effects of aging and slow them down. Good luck to all and do a "test" site first if possible.

Orlando Plastic Surgeon

I recommend my Dr because he does Botox on himself and his wife and he looks great. He is very informed and offers GP as well as Aesthetics.

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