Botox: Small Needle, Big Results

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Botox is pratically painless and costs practically...

Botox is pratically painless and costs practically nothing. As compared to expensive lifestyle lifts it costs just one 1/4th or even lesser. For just 600 bucks, i got a great job done. My wrinkles around the face and brows have reduced , rather disappeared visibaly. The pain is almost not there, just a mild prick, and if you get a topical anesthesia applied, you can't feel a thing. The results are visible immidiately after the redness and swelling reduces.It took me a week /ten days to see the changes in my face and the firmness of my skin around the lips and brows. Although not a permanent solution, Botox is great for 6 months. It is affordale too, so you can go again after 6-7 months as i have already done. I think Botox is a great solution to wrinkles.
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