Miracle in a Needle.. Thats Botox - Mobile, AL

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Can you believe how cheap botox has become? Thanks...

Can you believe how cheap botox has become? Thanks to the millions of clinics that offer it today, the competition is severe and in return we consumers benefit. Thanks to the price war!

I have benefited from it too, not just by cost but also by quality. Botox is really a miracle in a needle. I had these frown lines, which made me look angry all the time.. and i am such a happy person!

Looks can really be deceptive. People really thought that i was this irritated person all the time, because i was always frowning. I just had to get rid of those frown lines all over my forehead and specially between my brows. I got it done by Dr {edited} in Alabama who did a great job.

It hurt a bit every time the needle poked me. After that i had mild bruising and swelling for a few days. I could see some immidiate results there and then, but the real results were visible after the bruising and swelling came down. The treatment is super simple as you all know. The aftermath is great, thats what i want to tell you. My frown is gone completely now and really, i look like the happy person that i truly am.

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