Botox: LOVE Love Love It! - Seattle, WA

Botox gives an immediate result and is not...

Botox gives an immediate result and is not permanent.

The skill and artistry of the person administering botox makes a huge difference, though.  I've had injected by three different doctors (including one who specialized in Botox and another who was a local pioneer of the product.)  I also have it injected for a more unusual purpose:  to erasea deep line in my chin., which is a family aging trait.

Less artfully administered, I've had significant bruising, a lisp and drooping eyebrows (yes, I lost the forehead wrinkles, but got saggy eyes in exchange!)

After interviewing cosmetic dermatologists in the search to find a skilled practitioner, I finally found a docotr who LOOKED the way that I wanted to look.  Healthy, not stretched and artificial.  She takes special care, so I NEVER bruise, and knows how to LIFT my eyebrows in addition to releasing the other wrinkles that I want to minimize.. 

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