Love It No One Can Tell when I'm Stressed Now!

25 units for the 11 between my eyes and associated...

25 units for the 11 between my eyes and associated "screw you" look I get when I'm thinking or angry. Plastic Surgery office where I've gotten great service from microdermabrasion...RNs and certified easthicians (sp?) She did a great job. I am a youthful 43, but very expressive!!!
I have been through a lot of pain and hardship in my life as well; Grandma was right when she said "don't make that face, it'll freeze that way!!" When I smile I look like Polyanna, but as soon as I start to doubt or become stressed, I turn into a scary lady! The botox started working by the third day, and now by the seventh the lines are completely gone and it looks like a calm me. I'm hooked. Now I have money in my life and plan on using a lot of it for this kind of stuff. I'm going for artefill in the labionasal folds next month. Just find an experienced injector and ask a lot of questions first. My injector told me truthfully that I would loose smile wattage if I got it in my lower face...and that if I got it in crow's feet I'd pay for it with wrinkles under the eye when the muscles holding the bottom firm on the sides of the eyes get deactivated. I opted for keeping the crows feet for now. By the way, mild sinus type headache for 5 days. But worth every cent!!!! Thanks!

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