Loved the Results...The Few Times I Received Them!

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I have had Botox on multiple occasions, always...

I have had Botox on multiple occasions, always from a physician (plastic surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon/anesthesiologist) and nearly every time it has been a disappointment. A good experience - about 7-14 days to work, 2-3 weeks where I see a good result, and then results disappear 4-6 weeks after the injection. Once, and only once, it worked for nearly 4 months. I went back to my dermatologist for nearly monthly "touch-ups", but noticed that I was starting to collect visible marks on my forehead from so many Botox injections. They looked like numerous little holes and were larger than my pores. My worst experience was with a prominent, board-certified plastic surgeon. I saw zero results and when I went back a week later for microdermabrasion, they asked me if I'd been mugged, or beaten by a boyfriend. I had to explain that those were the bruises from their doctor's worthless, but very expensive, Botox injections. Their solution was for me to spend double next time, because I must be resistant to Botox. Since I'm also resistent to paying hundreds of dollars to look like I've been battered, I never returned. No other doctor ever bruised me with Botox injections like he did. I've gone to doctors who guaranteed results and promised discounted, or free, retreatment if the first treatment didn't take, but they always wiggled out of it. I was told that if I saw any degree of result, for even one day, then the doctor had met her burden and if I said I never saw any results, I must be lying. I noticed on the news that one of my doctors was convicted on conspiracy and fraud charges stemming from an FBI investigation into her use of lots of the botulinum A toxin not permitted for use as a drug. Surprisingly, she was the doctor where I had the one great result. Maybe that's why my later experiences with her yielded no results at all. In any case, it's just a little frightening to think what she might have been injecting into me. I've talked to Allergan reps twice and they insisted that if I had one positive result, a good doctor should be able to reproduce it and results should last at least 3 months. My dermatologist did the most consistent job, although even her results were short lived. I stopped getting injections last year, after my dermatologist burned me with my 4th IPL treatment. I started to think I might be doing more harm than good when I looked at all the injection marks and the damage from the IPL. I'm sure they aren't obvious to others, but I can find them easily. Botox also gave me headaches that lasted for several days, so I don't miss that. I do miss the look of a smooth brow and no lines in the corners of my eyes, but if it doesn't last longer than a couple of weeks, how is it worth hundreds of dollars and all the permanent tiny holes?

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