Botox Ironed out my Wrinkley Forehead!

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I have received Botox injections on 3...

I have received Botox injections on 3 episodes--they have worked well each time for my forehead area. The results last about 3-4 months and gradually wear off. I no longer get a "squinter's" headache when I'm in the sun without sunglasses! If I had bangs, I probably wouldn't bother getting this done, but my forehead shows. I got Botox around my eyes and wouldn't recommend this as it virtually made no difference. I have my next appointment booked for Botox again! Love it! More youthful face (forehead). The results took about 48 hours to notice and lasted 3-4 months in duration, gradually wearing off. I followed all my physician's aftercare instructions exactly each time, which were easy.

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