Botox is Great When Administered by the Right Doctor

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I have tried Botox in MD DC area in June and Dec...

I have tried Botox in MD DC area in June and Dec 2003 Cost was about $700 for two sites (the gabella and crow’s feet) The staff gave me great care and specific follow up protocol setting the standards Amazing Results within 4 days Zero pain factor – I would use a topical for pain and ice packs right before injections Then in Tampa FL Sep 2004 for about $450 - horrible results The Dr. tried talking me into fillers and states Botox wouldn’t help me...I was only 30 years old at the time! It made me uncomfortable because he didn’t even to seem to be listening He started to fill the syringe and then the nurse said oops sorry that's the expired box or something to that affect He switched and moved some things around behind the cupboard - the jab jab jabbed me Horrible painful - I bruised and did not have the same results within a week or month or ever! I when I moved to Honolulu in Sep 06 I researched and found a Dr. in Honolulu Cost was about $500 for the gabella Results were viable within a week okay but not great Pain factor Mild Used Ice to numb it A friend had had breast augmentation done at another office in Honolulu and LOVED her Dr. His cost was $442 for the gabella and crow’s feet You schedule a follow up within 10 days and he will touch it up No CHARGE!!! I went in 6 days later and he touched up 1 side The 11's between my eyes are mild almost gone My crow's feet were not bad and are nonexisitant I felt the Dr listened to my concerns and was realistic about my results He informed me about fillers pros and cons I plan on going for treatments every 3 months to obtain the best results There is also a military discount of $50 off I am happy with the results I used a ice pack and he adds “?” ( I forgot what) into the syringe to alleviate any pain or discomfort
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