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I had a few lines about 45° inwards from the...

I had a few lines about 45° inwards from the corner of my eyes to the centre of my iris. I was very paranoid about them as i am only 36 years old and felt i looked a bit liney for my age (i'm just clinging onto youth!). I read a few reviews which said botox can actually slow down the aging process. So i went and i got botox injected into the area aroud the eye and the area between the eyebrows.It was totally pain free, just alittle unconfortable and nervous.

When i got it done (2 months ago),at first i kept looking into the mirror to see if i could see anything physically happening ( I'm not in love with myself). I kept saying to my husband this isn't working, then by the 3rd or 4th day i could feel, what felt like tiny pins piercing my skin around the eye area, it wasn't sore or uncomfortable, on the contrary, it felt good, i knew it was starting to work and i couldn't wait to see the results. Within a day after that i could slightly see the line at the side of my eyes fade a tiny bit (i wasn't worried about this line, it was the other lines under my eyes i wanted rid of!).

Over the next few days after that, my forehead lines had completely gone and it felt like (and still does) a rock, it's solid!! But in a good way. I only told my husband and mother i got it done, but my sister was a bit suspicious and asked me did i have it done i said yes, she was shocked that i had actually got it done and said i had the same look as the those people on Desperate Housewives(i'm happy!)

I must admit botox hasn't completely wiped all the wrinkles under the eye away and i think at times they can be more prodominent than what they were before i got the botox done (or is this just paranoia? I don't know). The thing is i am really happy with it, i think it takes the tired look away and it is difinitely a confidence booster.

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