Botox and Juvederm Are the Best for Anti-aging - New Berlin, WI

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I’m trying to share my Botox experiences...

I’m trying to share my Botox experiences everywhere because it might help someone decide if it is for them. The Internet was invaluable in helping me make my decision so I want to return the favor! I went to get Botox in my glabella (between the eyebrows) and my crow’s feet. I had Juvederm at the same time in my nasiolabial folds and marionette lines. I thought the Juvederm hurt worse than the Botox. I don’t know if it was a smaller needle but I expected Botox to hurt, especially since I got it around my eyes. My nurse was really kind and told me everything she was doing. When she put the needle in she told me to "get ready" (my eyes were closed). But I hardly felt a thing and could feel the muscles freezing almost immediately. I would say I had full results in about 3-4 days, right around the time my swelling from Juve went away. I had no bruising from either the Juve or the Botox, which I owe to my wonderful nurse. I feel that Botox gets a bad rap. Everything has its own set of problems but Botox is more widely publicized than most. I tried to ignore these stories when I went. I had to try it for myself to satisfy my curiosity and I’m glad I did. I would do this again and not change a thing about what I got done. In the future I plan to get injected on a Thursday so I can go back to work looking fabulous by Monday. It’s not a big deal to take the Friday off and make it a long weekend of getting beautiful. It’s worth it!

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