Botched Rhinoplasty-- please lean from my mistake.



Doctor Review

7 Sep 2016
Updated 1 day ago

Botched Rhinoplasty-- please lean from my mistake.

I went to Dr. Toledo about 3 years ago for rhinoplasty. Dr. Toledo and his staff were very rude. I was very young and didn't do much research on this Dr. but I went ahead and scheduled. I was not pleased with the results at all! He didn't do anything that I asked for or that we talked about at the consultation. It looked as if he just used a knife and starting cutting and now I have terrible scars because of this. I went to another Dr. in Dallas and he was wonderful! This time I did alot of research and found a wonderful Dr. that specializes with the surgery that I needed. What a difference his staff was respectful and very proffesional. They answered all of my questions and he fixed what Dr. Toledo screwed up! Please get well informed before choosing a plastic surgeon! Don't make the same expesive mistake I made the first time. Educate yourself first.