Teeth Are Whiter but Still in Pain

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Well, I took 2 ibuprofen and 2 tylenol with...

Well, I took 2 ibuprofen and 2 tylenol with codeine after reading all these reviews last night!! I got tooth whitening because all the coffee and soda I drink has really taken a toll on my otherwise healthy teeth- they were a little yellowed. I went to my regular dentist, took the meds, then she started putting on gauze, gum sealant, and a funny mouth stretcher-opener thing. She didn't tell me anything about what was about to happen, so I asked her a bunch of questions, especially about pain. She said it hurts some people a lot! I have had sensitive teeth for years, but use Sensodyne almost every day to combat that.

So she put the light on, and the first thing I noticed was that the fumes of the bleach were overpowering. There were three sessions of 15 minutes with the gel on where I felt no pain, but was uncomfortable. Then the 4th session came, and my codeine must of worn off because WOW the pain started. I only made it 6 minutes into that one before I said we had to end it. If anyone had to endure that without painkillers for more than a couple of seconds, it's not worth it.

After the procedure was over, she took impressions of my teeth to make the take home trays. This didn't hurt. I started having painful stinging jabs right there in the office and all the way home, and still am three hours later, even after taking 2 extra strength Tylenol and 2 ibuprofen. My teeth look great, though, and it's definitely a noticeable difference!

I would not do this again. I would use white strips at home.

Tremont Dental Care

When I asked questions, they answered them nicely, and responded honestly before the procedure that yes, it can hurt a lot. Also, the cost was $400, which seems to be on the average to cheaper side for this website.

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