Thrilled with my Inner/outer Thigh Liposuction Seven Years Later! - Boston, MA

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In my late 20s/early 30s I developed horrible...

In my late 20s/early 30s I developed horrible saddlebag thighs that did not respond to diet or excercise. I was thin except for my thighs, which became the widest part of my body.

I had tumescent liposuction on my inner and outer thighs in March of 2005. I lost less than 4 lbs from the surgery, but my body became amazingly proportional. No one really knew, they just told me my weight loss looked great. :-)

I had it done on a Thus and was back at work on Monday (at a desk job). I got two of the leg compression garment thingies, and wore one all the time. Remember that the garment is helping the skin adhere back to your leg, so don't cheat and take it off early!

The only con (and it's not mentioned as much as I think it should be) is that if you have lumps and bumps on your thighs, you will still have it after liposuction, and it may be worse.

In my case, the cottage cheese factor is a bit worse, but I couldn't wear a bikini anyway because my thighs were so big. That said, I got my figure back and five years later, my legs are still shapely and proportional.

As a funny aside, now when I gain weight it's in my belly and in my butt instead of my thighs, but like so many on the board, I try hard not gain.

I am very glad I had the procedure done and recommend it.

Brookline Plastic Surgeon

I did my homework, went to three consultations with three Board Certfied plastic surgeons with 100% cosmetic practices. Remember that plastic surgeons sub-specialize - I wanted someone whose practice was 100% cosmetic, not reconstructive or a blend. I didn't want to go to someone who did a reconstructive hand fellowship who does cosmetic work on the side; I wanted someone whose practice was cosmetic. I checked the medical boards to make sure he had no malpractice suits and nothing in the practitioners database. I went to a physician who did a lot of liposuction. With this doctor, something clicked, and I knew he was the right one.

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