Restylane and Juvaderm Plus a Little Botox - Boston, MA

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I had a great dr in the Boston area that did mine...

I had a great dr in the Boston area that did mine yesterday. She did Restylane under the eye..because she said Juvaderm has the tendency to make the eye look blue underneath. I have minor swelling there...but it looks a lot better than the "hallows" I had before. She then used it on the laugh lines, and the indentation on my chin due to pouting I guess. lol She then took Juvaderm and put it in the same areas she did put small amounts of Restylane...and it looks great w/ the 2 mixed and then she manipulated it into form. She also shot a 2 pinches of botox in the chin to relax that area. My husband sees a huge difference. I think it's all in where you go, how skilled they are...and if your body will reject it. I signed 3 forms for all 3 of those. They all say the same thing. They have stuff to reverse it, IF things get "ugly" if you're at all worried...start off slowly..and check reviews of your doctor! :)

Boston Dermatologic Surgeon

When I get thhe before and after pics from her, I'll show you why she did such a good job.

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