Not Worth It for Women of Color - Boston, MA

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I am a woman of color. I went in just to get rid...

I am a woman of color. I went in just to get rid of the cellulite. There was nothing else I wanted to will just smooth out the what i was told. I am getting up to 50 years old, so are starting to appear on the side of my legs and butt. Before I had 'SmoothShape' done I had a curvy shape,I love my body, did not to change anything about...Now I hate to look in the mirrow..I had a nice fat round butt any brazillian woman would die for!

I am Jamaican. Now my butt is diflated, and instead of curves I am straight as an arrow. I am so mad and I feel cheated. My husband could tell the difference after about 4 weeks. I feel robbed and I do not know what to do at this point. My husband is always complaining. How stupid I feel. I am so depress. My body has changed, now I have gotten a big belly..I paid so much money just to get a big belly.

I went from feeling so confident about my body to not even wanting to go out. This treatment is definately not for women of color...we love our big butts and curves, just not the cellulite when they start to appear. I was ill informed of the true effects. I want my curves and butt back...I worked alot of overime to get all that money too. Sooooo MAD!!

...and after all that...I still have cellulite.....

...and after all that...I still have cellulite...very, very mad!!

Stellah, in boston

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If you are a woman of color and love your curves and round butts..stay far, far away from 'SmoothShape' It will diflate you. All the Fat that was on your butt wiil start to go to your belly instead.

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