Hate my Horrible New Lips!!!! - Boston, MA

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I wish I could say something positive about my lip...

I wish I could say something positive about my lip filler experience but I can't!

I was exceedingly clear that I wanted a VERY natural look. I only wanted to look refreshed, not different just a little bit fresher and younger. I was clear and specifically said I do not like the top lip to be the same size as the bottom lip.

Well, I ended up with lumpy, deformed duck lips. Although my lips weren't made huge, the upper lip has a rounded underside (common in people who have filler giving them a not-so-attractive "pouty" look). Upper lip is same size or larger than the lower lip, which looks completely unnatural and ugly.

Ever heard of the phrase "don't know what you got til it's gone?" Well, I'm experiencing that now. My lips weren't perfect, they were a little less plump with aging, but they had a lovely shape which has completely been RUINED by the injecting.

I'm looking into reversal injections ASAP because my looks have been seriously ruined. I feel a fool and want to hide my face. I made a big mistake.

It is my personal opinion now that most people look better with natural lips regardless of whether they are petite or thin.
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