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Hey all, I decided to try IPL after a friend...

hey all,

I decided to try IPL after a friend of mine got a series of 5 treatments and looked incredible. Her sunspots cleared up, and her skin tone became even and fresh looking. Although I'm only 31 years old, my skin has prematurely aged due to sun overexposure. (Now use SPF 30 daliy, as of a year ago when i started to notice the fine lines and sun spots)

Anyway I had one treatment and i can already tell the difference. The brown spots have gotten much lighter, and i can now cover them with make up.

on the plus side, it's not too painful, and it only took about 5 days to fully heal.

on the down side it it's 400.00 a session and i'm scheduled to have at least 3. Also, she did burn me accidentally. the burn formed a blister on my chin, and it looked terrible. a week later it's healing nicely and looks like it wont scar. Either way it was worth it to me. My face just looks brighter, with a much more even skin tone already.

i'll keep you posted after my next treatment.

Do not use IPL for any reason. I have spent the...

Do not use IPL for any reason. I have spent the last year of my life watching my face age rapidly, wrinkle, and sag. I am only 33 and in a matter of months my skin has become so loose, and I have lost so much fat in my face that I have jowls. Also the right side of my face was more affected. It is now completely free of fat and laxity, leaving me unevenly damaged. I used to have some minor sun damage, and now my face is lopsided! I have an appointment with a plastic surgeon and trying to stay positive.

I cannot believe this technology is being backed by the medical profession. It's done so much damage to so many people. Do not risk it!

Mary Carpinito RN, LT, LE

She was trained by one of the best. She's personable, and although relatively new at it, very competent, caring and attentive.

Updated on 22 Mar 2011:
This laser ruined my face.

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