Coolsculpting to Contour Upper, Middle and Lower Abdomen

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I had Coolsculpting one on my upper arms in...

I had Coolsculpting one on my upper arms in January and was thrilled with my results (I created a separate review of that if you are interested). This time I am going to get my abdomen treated. I had liposuction 12 years ago that didn't target my upper abdomen. You will see in my "before" pictures that I have a LOT of pinchable fat there versus my lower abdomen. The clinic said that all three areas must be treated, though, since I do have pinchable fat on my middle abdomen and to treat only the top would create an uneven result.

I have always had a very straight figure with narrow hips and no curves, which was only made worse by two pregnancies (the most recent being 1 year ago). I am hopeful this will enhance my figure and help me get back into my bikini for summer!


The treatment took forever this time; I had two applicators on my upper, middle and lower abdomen. @ 35 minutes each, that = 3.5 hours! This was much, much more painful than my arms and I am much more sore today than with that procedure. I think they got great coverage, though, so I am excited to see how I look in a few weeks.

1 Week Later

I was very sore and swollen for the first 4-5 days after the procedure. I finally caved and ordered a compression tank, the "Maidenform Flexees Women's Shapewear Wear Your Own Bra Torsette", which really helps - I wish I'd gotten it to wear right away! Highly recommended. It's *just* tight enough.
No results yet, which I expected. I am feeling much better now - still numb, of course, but the pain is almost gone. Posting some pics for records.

12 Days After Procedure

ALREADY seeing subtle results. Crazy! I <3 Coolsculpting.

18 Days After Procedure

Better every day!

4 Week Update

OK, so I have maybe lost two pounds or so... but otherwise this is all coolsculpting. I have a hard time believing how much of a difference I see when lining up the before and after photos. Simply amazing. I am so glad I invested in this procedure.

7 Week Update

As with my arms, I think I'm seeing my full results at the 6-7 week mark. Couldn't be happier with the results!
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