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I originally wanted Butt Implants, as my weight...

I originally wanted Butt Implants, as my weight has its ups and downs. I've gained 50pounds in the last last and so far I've been able to maintain it, weighing now 180pounds and standing at 5ft 11.

I really had a hard time trying to narrow down my search for a Plastic surgeon that was the "King of the Brazilian Butt Lift".
The Surgeons I came across had fantastic YouTube videos/pictures of there work BUT... Really bad reviews, complaints, and some even media coverage of women who had bad experiences and botched jobs and to top it off unqualified to practice in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Finally I've found my guy, Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, MD. His work looks AMAZING via videos/pictures on social media. Little to no bad reviews. AND he's more then qualitied and very experienced. Feeling so relieved now, and SUPER excited!!!

My Surgery Date is Monday 5th Dec 2016, not sure on the time or the real specifics yet, as I'm still to pay my Deposit ($2000US) to officially lock everything in.
I had my consultation online via email as I'm travelling internationally... I'm a good 23hrs away from Boston, USA.

I'm looking to have a 1000ccs Per Butt check and 350ccs per Hip.
I want an extremely tinny waist, with an Hourglass shape. That's what I'm hoping will be achieved and I know for sure now that Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio is he man for the job.

I'll be updating my complete journey her, and more pictures to come.

Wish Pictures BBL

I wish I wish I wish, I wish I wish I wish...

Final Goal!!! Wish Picture.

This is the picture I'll be showing Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, final Wish Pic! Found exactly what I WANT!!!????????
If that was her Before" I'm certain I can have that After" result TOO!!!

I lied, MORE wish pictures!

Lol I'm just soo super excited, can't blame me.

Dr Del Vecchio Did it!

And she looks amazing, her before and after pictures are just something else.
Alright I'm done, I promise no more Wish Pic Updates, or updates of Dr Del V's work lol
Just gotta pay my deposit and get on the way now... Any min. Now. Keep you guys updated :)

I'm Going BIGGER!!

Initially I wanted 1000cc per check, and 350cc per hips
I've changed my mind, looking at other girls her on real self and their experiences with the volume of fat transferred I now will be updating my desires with Dr Del V. I'm hoping my quote doesnt changed dramatically as I will now be needing my Lip areas sucked out of me lol.
I didn't want to touch my thighs as they're thick and curvy already. But now I'll be adding them to the list for Lipo too, as well as under my chin (as I'm gaining all this weight, a double chin has appeared and keeps getting fatter).

So recapping, NEW Desires;
1800cc per Butt check
350cc per Hip side
Lipo: Under chin, inner thighs, back thighs, armpit areas, stomach, Sides, upper and lower back, flanks and love handles.

I'm set now! I love how realself helps out so much, and having other girls write there experiences is just something else 100%.

Once my deposit money comes in, I will inform Dr Del V, pay and get the ball rolling.

Super Siked!!!!

xoxo Dr Del V FUTURE Doll ;)


I'm really getting into This now, guess the excitement is just growing, so here I go uploading more BEFORE Pictures. I was I alittle nervous putting up pictures earlier I case I was recognised, here goes everything!
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