31 Years OLD and wanting a BBL - Is Dr Dan Delvecchio Good?

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Hi everyone! Im new to this all and so don't mind...

Hi everyone! Im new to this all and so don't mind all the questions. I have been wanting a BBL for about 4 years and am finally looking to book one. I am 5'7 & 150 lbs -- I don't want anything overwhelmingly large and would love to have it look more subtle. I will post wish pics etc.. but in the meantime I'm at a loss as to who to book. Should I fly out to miami to have this done or should I get it done in Boston ( I live in CT ) by DR Dan Delvecchio? I see his work on IG and it looks great. But, I'm getting mixed reviews on his aftercare and him being very aggressive with lipo leaving some people bumpy. I know everyone heals differently but I would LOVE some more input and advice from you all. Thanks in advance!
Dr Dan Delvecchio

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