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So I got my breast implants done the summer of...

So I got my breast implants done the summer of 2010, 510 cc silicone unders. They cost me 10k with everything included. I was initially recommended either 475 cc or 490 cc and after I went home and browsed RealSelf, I wanted to be sure I wouldnt want a revision to go bigger since so many reviews spoke about that (just like bbl). So anyway, Im actually very happy with the size and all EXCEPT as soon as I healed I noticed the formation of a double bubble on both breasts. I waited it out but it never got better. I spoke to my surgeon and he said he would fit it by reopening the incision and sewing in an internal bra. Long story short, I went back to university full time in 2011 to get my bachelors and just graduated last year. I was on a super limited budget and even though I just had to pay the facility fees of 1500$, I really didn't have the money or the time to get it done. I then got married in september 2014 and had a baby in April this year... Sooooo all this to say thatmy husband told me since im done breastfeeding I can look into finding a surgeon that will correct my boobs. He said we can go to LA because his logic is why go back to the surgeon who gave me this problem, might as well go to the best of the best and he seems to think thats in LA. So I started researching and I thought maybe I can secretly get a little lipo done at the same time? Wouldnt hurt to finally get rid of this baby fat and my inverted triangle body.

I suddenly discover the BBL!! Are you kidding me?? Use all this baby fat I cant get rid of to get a nice round ass? Its like a dream come true. Just like all of you, I started researching the hell out of the procedure, doctors, cost, etc. I called two doctors in Beverly Hills and I was told I would need to put in a whole brand new set of implants plus the cost of a BBL. I wasnt able to get a quote but I figured it would be around the cost of a full priced BA + full priced BBL. Then theres the hotel stay plus at home nurse to help me out at the beginning (since i have a 7 month old and my husband faints at the sight of a nose bleed lol). So anyway I reported back to husband and he was like ok thats cool, they might be trying to rip you off though, see if you can find a dr around here for another opinion. We have an apartment here in Boston so I started browsing and low and behold I find Dr Del Vecchio. His before and afters were exactly what I was looking for and I even saw an after for a double bubble fix by using fat grafting.

So if I can just lipo all this fat and use it to fix my double bubble and round out my boobs and butt, I think it will be perfect. Much less expensive than putting in a whole new set of implants (which I dont need to change, Im very happy with the size and type) and also I dont have to worry about the flight plus hotel (staying in a hotel with a baby is just not as comfortable as being at home with your things). It just makes much more sense to stay here.

So I believe I called Dr Del Vecchios office on November 10th to ask for a consultation and was offered November 24th. The girl was very pleasant and Im really looking forward to it!! I honestly cant wait.

Up until I got pregnant, I always had a tall slender figure at 5'9 and more or less 130 lbs. The problem is that I have a very straight shape so i always thought maybe if i lose some weight I will have a smaller waist and will look less like a box. It sort of worked however everyone would be like woah whats going on you look too skinny now and honestly I couldnt sustain it for very long because i really was not eating very much and was constantly starving until i would give in and go back to my normal eating ways. So thats been my ongoing struggle. For example my whole life Ive had this annnoying problem of if I buy jeans in the smaller size, they fit my thin legs but i cant button them or have crazy crazy uncomfortable muffin top and i never end up wearing them. Or the bigger size fits my waist but is baggy on my butt and legs. Ah these dumb problems.

So my goal is, and Im really going to stress this as much as possible on Tuesday for my consult, as much as I want to fix my boobs and have a nice round butt, I also want him to sculp me the TINIEST TINIEST waist. Like think of tiny and make it even tinier than that lol. I dont want too much grafting to my hips because I am not looking to have a Beyoncé type of body. I want my curves from the front to result primarily from a reduction in my waist size, not a huge increase in the width of my hips. And then I want lots of booty projection! So here are my wish pics I will be showing:)

I'll be posting my before photos tomorrow night when I muster up some courage.

My befores...

Oh man. I knew I had no butt but I didn't realize my butt WENT INWARDS. Forget small, I have a negative ass, how is that even possible? Aside from my stomach still looking 5 months pregnant, I can see from the back the weight I gained grafted itself literally everywhere except my ass. Like actually. It's like the fat is mocking me. Also once upon a time my stomach was so flat...

Here's to hoping the lord can guide Dr D's hand into making me resemble something close to my wish pics!!!

Had consultation plus question about medical clearance

So I had my consultation today. It was at 3 but by the time I was called and he came to the room it was 4. Just a warning in case you're pressed for time which I wasn't really. So like everyone said he is very straight to business but he does have a certain charm to him that you will either click with or not. He is so confident in what he does he literally takes a glance at you and doesn't even want your opinion he was like I know you don't want giant hips and a giant booty just let me do my thing, I know what to do to give you a beautiful body.

The boobs on the other hand were a different issue. We went through several options and his conclusion was that my implants are too heavy (they're actually 533 cc) so trying to stitch them into place from the inside might only be temporary and they will probably fall back too low. So we are going to replace them with smaller implants, around 350 cc and fill in the rest with fat, around 400 cc each boob and then stitch that into place on the inside of the breast crease so it will be much lighter and look much more natural.

Apparently my boobs will be the most delicate of the two procedures and he's saying I'm gonna have to spend the whole recovery on my back! Can you imagine. He said they provide a mattress with a hole for the butt. I guess he knows best right?

Each procedure is 9300$ but if I do both together it's 16000$. I told my husband about it and the more I spoke about the consult the more he was sold on this guy. He also prefers I do it at mgh because he thinks it's the best hospital ever but that's gonna be like 2-3k more... So we'll see.

They offered me a few dates for January but he even said if I wanted to do it in December not to worry he would have javonica for me in which I thought was really cool of him. As much as I'd love to do it right away, I don't wanna spend Christmas with a busted body lol especially since no one knows I'm doing this and I won't be able to hide it. One of the dates she offered was January 8th I'm really liking that one so hopefully I can seal the deal very soon with hubby!

Oh the question about medical clearance

On my way out after she gave me the quote javonica was like by he way if you do decide to proceed we would just need a mammogram if you're doing the breast implant revision. So I was like oh ok, what about blood work and all that? She was like no that's fine you don't need toprovide that,, just the mammogram. I was surprised cause I read so many of your stories and the difficulties of getting that done ( I had to get it too when I did my implants 5 years ago) she was like are you in good health? I was like yeah and she just said ok yeah so it's fine.

Anyone else not have to provide it?

Another thing...

He said he was going to remove 4 L of fat and put 400 cc into each boob and 1500 ccs into each butt cheek/hip. Fat would be removed from... Honestly he named so many places that at the end he was like so basically everywhere except your feet and your head lol. So I imagine it will be quite a tough recovery.

Guys i think it's gonna happen

When I told my husband about the consultation and I mentioned he liked what he heard, after he was like RELAX! You should go see at least two other doctors first before you decide, even if you have your heart set on this guy and you end up going with him anyway. And I was like damn.. aint nobody got time for that ish. He doesnt know you can do all (or the majority of) your research on realself lol. And its funny cause Dr. DV was like go check out these other guys who do BBL check their instagram, no one has results like me i do the BEST butts. I guess Im so fixated on Dr DV right now because hes really the only one who has so much experience in fat grafting to the breasts (because i believe this will be the best long term solution for me) PLUS sculpting these incredible booties. And he also happens to be in my city which is a no brainer for me. I found other doctors who either specialize in BBL... or breast implant revision... or they do breast fat transfer and bbl but the bbl i saw was just meh, not what im looking for.

So in my head Im like ok just pretend like you had 2 skype consultations lol. But Today he walks in and hes like so I think you should DEFINITELY do it at Mass General. Its a few grand more but blablabla and he starts telling me his reasoning. Personally i dont really care im just happy its in a hospital setting regardless but in my head im like does this mean hes on board with Dr DV?? Yessss. Im pretty sure if I wait a few days he's gonna be like so did you book it? Book it if you want.

Lol sometimes you just need to plant the seed and let it grow on its own. Patience is a virtue

It's been awhile but I am back on board

I moved out of Boston and I'm also not going with Dr. D anymore. I've been reading too many reviews throwing major shade his way. I need a dr I feel more than 100% confident I'm in good hands with. And for me it's not him.

So unfortunately for my wallet the doctor I've narrowed my choice down to is probably the most expensive. I need someone who has extensive experience in fixing other doctors mistakes (my boobs), who has a solid portfolio of bbl's, has no apparent history of screw ups like burning patients during lipo and also no lumps and dents during lipo.

I narrowed it down to Hazani in Beverly Hills and Schulman in Manhattan. I've had my email and phone consult with Hazani already. Pros: easy to reach and communicate. Consult was free and quick to schedule (same day!) and he is more than willing to negotiate a little to find a price that makes you happy if you're doing more than one procedure or adding arms and things like that. So there isn't that feeling of surgeon who's only interested in your wallet. Cons: He's not board certified plastic surgeon. Only board certified surgeon. And I've been reading mixed reviews about the results from thin patients. Either amazing or like nothing was done. So it leaves me a little uneasy. Which one am I going to be? That's not a good question to ask yourself before dropping all that $.

I have my phone consult with Schulman on the 7th of march. I got a ballpark quote and damnnnnn he is expensive. Basically if i go with Schulman, I'm going to be spending 10k MORE than with Hazani. He's extremely booked and busy and it's the kind of place that's like this is the price, take it or leave it. I have not spoken to him yet personally but that's my initial impression speaking to other employees. However I have to say I am more confident in his results for BBL. As if I feel more of a guarantee of satisfaction. I also feel like there is something about the technique he uses that makes the butts look more firm and muscular. Like more permanent looking? I don't k ow how to explain it. And I like his lipo results. I see less residual back and stomach fat in the after photos than with Hazani and I feel like I need to use all the fat they can pull out.

So that's my 1+ year update! My husband said to aim for a December 2017 date.. I was like... what?! I want May! April! So we'll see. Ill bring it up again after I decide who I'm going with.
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