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BBL and BA by Hazani

I have changed my choice of doctors. I'm 5'9 around 140 lbs right now, 10 lbs over my usual weight purposely for the bbl. I've been researching this seriously since October 2015. I've been needing to get my BA revised since 3 monha post op in 2011. To say that I've been patiently waiting for this is an understatement. I've gotten pregnant along the way and i want to feel better about my body than before I ever had this BA or pregnancy. 
I had my first in person consult worth Del Vecchio in November 2015. I was so ready to pull the trigger but then after some thought I felt like he might be too aggressive for me. I am not willing to botch my stomach for he sake of getting the most fat possible. Del vecchio has good results on larger girls because there is enough fat to work with to get great results. I finally found out that he reason thin girls sometimes end up with lumpy weird Tara Reid style stomachs is because too much fat was taken from the abdomen and the skin ends up attaching itself directly to the muscle. There needs to be a thin layer of fat in between left behind to prevent this from happening. Doctors that want the most intense results don't care and just take all the fat. On girls that have more than enough fat for them to use, lumpy stomachs aren't a problem. So I eliminated Del Vecchio from the running. 
I then had a phone consult with Hazani. I liked that he was readily available, we were able to talk as long as possible and he has reasonable prices. I also like his results on thin patients. I am tall and relatively thin when I watch what I eat.
Then I had a phone consult with Schulman. He has nice and seems like a good doctor. However he refused to do both BBL and BA at the same time, had to be one or the other. Which I find weird because I read a review here last year of him doing BBL, BA and Lift all at the same time, so I was a little taken off guard? The only way to do both was if I removed my breast implants without replacement, which was something I was considering. He also kept telling me I would need a mini tummy tuck. His quote was exactly 2x as much as Hazani, and this is without implant replacement whereas Hazani was with implants!

My procedure

I promise to put before pics when I get closer to my sx date.

My stats and surgery details:

Current weight: 140
Usual weight: 130

I have paid for BA revision with capsulorraphy (internal bra)
Currently a 34DDD with 533cc silicone Natrelle mod+ implants
I am looking to significantly downsize my implants to the 280-300cc range, moderate or low profile, silicone. Either Mentor memory gel or Natrelle inspira. Would be happy going down to a 34C or 32D.

For my BBL I have paid for arms, full abdominal and back, inner thigh liposuction (please get allllll the fat out of me). I actually don't want hips. Maybe minor addition where my sides go inwards but nothing crazy. I'm not going for a crazy Beyoncé hips and stripper booty look. I don't have enough fat anyway. I want a reduction of the fat of my upper body and a bubble butt. Anywhere between 600-1000 cc is fine.

I know everyone has got their mildly unrealistic wish pictures lol, mine is Jen Selter look.

Here's to hoping!

Who is having surgery in September 2017???

I need support! PM me for my instagram so we can follow each other.

My current vs wish pics

So one of my wish pics is a Dass doll, I can't remember her username anymore but if you see this and you want me to remove the no problem, I just think your body is bomb!

Hazani patient wish pics

I want SMALL boobs, small and perky please, no more shirt buttons popping and boobs up to my chin when I'm at the beach or pool with my son. For my butt I'm definitely going to ask for as big and round as possible because he obviously doesn't have too much fat to work with. I think I should have enough for my wish pics though. Being slim after my liposuction is just as important to me as the butt part. I don't want to be left overall pudgy with a big butt. Definitely not.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

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