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I rarely write reviews but I wanted to share my...

I rarely write reviews but I wanted to share my experience with Fraxel. Going through with this procedure was very nerve racking. I read review after review, terrified by the horror stories. However, after a short burst of cystic acne that left scars all over my cheeks, I was extremely self conscious of the condition of my skin. I saw a top laser specialist in Boston and he gave me very realistic expectations. That's the key. Your skin will never look perfect. But not many people have that to begin with.

I went through 5 rounds spaced a month or two apart. I was on a very high setting. The procedure itself was painful and inconvenient. Yes, it does hurt but it is bearable. I got the procedures done on Friday and couldn't leave my apartment all weekend. I was able to go to work Monday/Tuesday but had to deal with flaky and peeling skin.

I am year out and I am very pleased with the results. No, my skin is not flawless but the treatments minimized the scarring quite a bit. Despite the procedure being expensive, painful and inconvenient, it is worth it. I would do it again. However, I cannot stress the importance of going to a top laser specialist. This procedure is pretty serious and needs to be done by someone of a high skill level.

Hope this helps anyone considering Fraxel!
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