Some Improvement on Waist and Hips - Boston, MA

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I've had 11 endermologie sessions so far....

I've had 11 endermologie sessions so far. Toning improved. Celullite minor improvement. Have lost 1 inch around my hips and 1/2 inch around my waist. I'm 5'5", 115 lbs so even though these are small reductions they are significant for someone my size. I've been drinking a lot of water and running about 4x per week.

I've heard that there are different types of celullite (soft and hard). Supposedly it works better on hard cellulite and women who are menopausal. No longer producing the cellulite producing hormones.

Will post again as I go. By the way, I use a loose pantyhose during the treatment. Does anybody do that?

Updated on April 24, 2010:

I've been having endermologie treatments for the past 9 months. I posted a review earlier after 11 treatments but now I'm seeing the long term effects of it. I'm 5'5" and 115lbs. In the beginning I would go 2-3x per week and it took me 20 sessions to say this is working. People would say I look thinner, I went on vacation and wore short sna bathing suit and looked much better.

Benefits: inches lost, toning improved, celullite improved. I decided to do it for toning and cellulite. My clothes fit much better and I have this elongated look now.

My provider is the business owner. She is amazing because she is interested you getting good results. She takes her time and has also invested in low acidic water and a vibraslim machines that can also help. Be patient and stick to it. It works!

Katya - Newton Slimming

Good price. She takes her time. SHe listens to the client

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