Trichotillomania - Hoping Latisse Will Kick-start my Own Lashes - Bordentown, NJ

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$120 included the latisse and MD consult. My...

$120 included the latisse and MD consult. My consult was a sham. The MD said the information on use is in the directions, gave me the box and in under 2 minutes, I was out the door. Great money-maker for MD's! Read the package insert to be careful,

Use is easy. I am washing a few of the applicators to keep on hand in case I run out before the bottle is empty. Do use only one applicator for both eyes. A quality tiny paint brush could also be used.

I have mild swelling under both eyes although I do not over apply the product. Some days the swelling in minimal and others a small area under my lower lastes just swells up quite high. I think the latisse on my upper lids touches my lower lids when my eyes are closed.

I will not stop use at this time. I swear, my own lashes have grown a tiny amount already and that makes me very hopeful.

I have trichotillomania, I pull out my eyelashes. Mine still grown in, but very slowly. I hope Latisse will kick-start my own lashes. I hope if I have a full lash line, I won't be so tempted to pull.

I'll keep posting to let others know what happens.

As a 1 month follow-up on using this...

As a 1 month follow-up on using this product:   My lashes are really growing in.  I have used it occasionally on my lower lashes and they grew in immediately.  I am very pleased with the results.  I continue to have trouble with skin irritation and occasional redness in my eyes.  These side effects are a bother and irritating but I have eyelashes.  They are not fully grown in, but I can curl them!  I am very happy with this product and will continue to use it.  I will order the generic version next time to save money.  The cost is prohibitive over the long run for me. 

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MD gave no information about Latisse nor asked about my situation. Easy to get the medicine, but a little more care should be given when dispensing a drug.

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